Teletype hardware is now open source!

Hi fellow nerds,

I don’t know if you are aware but Monome has just released the Teletype hardware as an opensource licensed module : GitHub - monome/teletype-hardware.

They have released the schematics and the eagle board files. The guy from Plum Audio is nearly done converting the board to 0603 cap/res package as well!

Somone on facebook requested a price quote from some PCB mill to have some board made with most of the small, hard to solder smd passive components already soldered in and it adds up to about 60usd$ for 5 boards.

That’s cray. Fuck i want one. :crazy_face:


I would absolutely purchase one of these. Any updates on this?

That’s interesting - is there a thread on lines about this? I have not found anything and did not see this before.

I am not sure if I need a second one but maybe there will be some deriative design devolving with an interesting new twist.

Combining it with TXi and TXo and ommiting the jacks for example could give a nice programmable stand alone typewriter sound box with five knobs…

There’s at least this thread: Teletype hardware: open - Monome - lines

Weird — I searched for “teletype open” and got to some older TT threads but not that one. Thanks for the link!

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I think this was also accompanied by a price reduction from monome on the TT units made by them, if you’re not the DIY type.