Tesseract Modular is prototyping a new twist on the 16n faderbank and it looks awesome! :D

Look at that sweet thing!
It’s rackable, does midi and a attenuation and a whole lot of features.

However, what’s relevant for the ER301 affictionados that we clearly are, is that it runs (as i understand) the 16n firmware and it has an I2c header. Oh. Yes.

I don’t know about you people, but i’ll be following the develppent of this prototype closely.

Worth mentionning is that the Tessaract Modulair guy usually provided PCB/Panels oh his designs or adapatations. Therefore, we can just build the thing on the cheap. :smiley:

Yes. Yes. Yes. So much ‘‘Yes’’. :smiley:


Here i am replying to myself because i can’t even, i just, this could end up behing pretty much the perfect er301 controller module. At least for me that is. Everybody’s entitled to their own vices. lol

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Nice. Bipolar as well. What are the inputs for?

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Mine would have some on/off/on lever switches as well and almost certainly a usb A female port instead of that fragile up-sticking micro usb !

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Is there an I2C connector on the back of the module too? that would be more handy as this connection is meant to be permanent + the I2C connector is on the back on the 301, teletype, txo etc.


Agreed. The only thing I would add is that the sliders should be over on the right side of the faceplate and the jacks on the left side. That way you wouldnt have patch cables crossing your field of view or getting in the way if you line them up one next to another

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I can’t really answer to the questions regarding the specs of the module, it’s a prototype from the Tesseract Modular guy, you can always reach him on Facebook, he’s a cool dude.

Inputs are for cv, so any incomming voltage will be ateenuated by the fader and then converted to midi etc. There is a switch (1 for every 4 faders, there was no room for 16 switches) in case you want to convert bipolar voltages, if not all negative voltage present in the input would be equal to zero and only the positive ones will have a value in the digital conversion.


Thats easy doable, will include that for sure. Thx for the suggestion!


Sorry but i won’t do that mod. Routing the pcb was not easy and such thing would require again lots of work. Also ins/outs on the right is pretty used in euro gear

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If you want the jacks on the other side, mount the module upside down?


I dont know much about this but this seems to be the best mod version I’ve seen, jacks mounted on the faceplate, as well as i3c and midi jacks. Can be mounted eurorack as well…anyone wanna build one for me?


Here is the final version :sunglasses:


Bottom view, no extension cable for the USB, added an i2C port here too (apart of the one in the front panel)

The website needs to be updated, some of the pics are with the previous panel,


Hello everyone,

I’m very interested in the Sweet Sixteen. Anyone already using it? Does is play well with the ER-301?
How do you connect it? Can you connect it with the i2C directly or do you need some additional hard- or software?



I won’t lie i have not used the module yet (but i clearly plan to!). From what i understand you can connect it directly to the i2c, just like the faderbank 16n. I’d like to know is someone test drived the Sweet Sixteen with the ER301 as well.

The i2c software and hardware is the same as the 16n so it must work without problem, with the addition of the 16 inputs now there is also CV to i2c

How about a compact module with just the 16 CV inputs? Like an ER-301 input expander.

jus inputs…no attenuators?
well it could be done pretty easy,
but is there enough demand for such thing?

For example, a version with 16 tall trimmers instead of faders, if the electronics are modified so those trimmers work as offset controls (instead of attenuators) then they could be manual control when nothing is plugged and you won’t need the “offset slide switch” when plugging a bi-polar CV, I think this would be better than just 16 inputs. Any opinion?