Tesseract Sweet 16 AND Teletype at the same time?

I have a Sweet 16 connected via ic2 on the backside of my ER301. I was wondering if it would be possible to connect a Teletype simultaneously. And if so, how to do that. If not possible, I could always patch the faders to the ports on the front of course.

Thats a Bit Tricky . Teletype hast 4 i2c Ports . But you can only use one Leader . Teletype or sweetsixteen . Or you Set the sweetsixteen as an follower and lets read teletype the values from the faders and give it over teletype to the er301 . But i think you can Not use it at the Same time .

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Ok. Thanks for clarifying!

You can have both plugged in at the same time, but you should have only one leader, as @Sascha.84 points out.

However, there’s no harm in trying to use both as leaders at the same time, the worst case is dropped messages, or potentially crashing a module and requiring a restart.

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He also suggested to send the SW16 messages via the teletype, which seems like a solid plan…

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Could you explain me how to set this up in the Teletype? Or is there no need to set this up and will it work straight out of the box? My Teletype just arrived. I can set the SW16 to slave via the web editor. But haven’t got the slightest idea about the TT.

IT works Out of tge Box . You News this OP


Thanks! Will try!