Tetrapad + ER-301 + i2c

Just noticed this over on lines:

Would be great to free up some of the cables running between Tetrapad and the ER-301. What would be involved in having the two talk to each other? I’m guessing Intellijel would need to integrate i2c implementation in general as I don’t think they have yet, but I have noticed that they mentioned demoing the expander for it at Superbooth, so I’m assuming that is progress.

Maybe a conversation between O|D and Intellijel similar to the one with Monome for TT integration. I volunteer to be a guinea pig! Ha!

Also keen to hear how this works out, it would be very nice for sure :slight_smile:

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Conversation has already been started awhile ago. Since the tetrapad is going to be an i2c master, the ball is in their court first. Pretty sure something will eventually materialize though. :wink:


Exciting stuff, glad to hear you guys are chatting! I’m sure their end of things revolves around the expander they are developing this year.

Any news about this? It would be amazing

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Work hasn’t started and I’m stuck on some other projects right now, but it’s on the table, no ETA.


thanks for responding to this, now Im interested in the idea. I’ve been looking for an i2c controller for the er-301 for a while now but haven’t been able to find one that Im satisfied with. but this might be it, if it were possible…

Thought I’d check in again on this thread. Any updates?

Checking in once again, haha.
Is there any way to use the Tetrapad + Tete combo with the 301?

I love my tetra - tete combo enough that it’s paying for itself but given the cultural connection to the 301 and Monome community I think it’s reasonable to say we’re not going to see the developer interface, and that’s fine and reasonable in my eyes. There’s more or less one person developing the machine and I don’t think a couple extra patch cables is an unreasonable compromise. The depth of the 301 is not something I feel I’ll ever explore fully. Xoxo