The 301's Tiny Switches

Didn’t know what thread to post this in so why not start a new one and let it eventually disappear in the annals of time… Anyway…

I’m going to be mounting my 301 in an Intellijel 4u 104hp case on the leftmost side of the rack. I plan on using it for the occasional show (I have one coming up this Thursday that I’m using it for) and I’m a little worried about the 301’s tiny switches. I’m very careful with my rack and will be transporting it in one of those Intellijel gig bags but things get bumped from time to time and the case has no lip or anything to protect against that. So I guess my question is, does anyone have any ideas or methods for protecting that area? Perhaps even just wrapping a towel around that corner? And then worst case scenario if one of those switches snapped or something (god forbid) would it be possible to replace fairly easily in the hands of an avid solderer? Maybe I’m just paranoid and I’m not criticizing the build quality of the module at all I just want to know what to expect.

Also unrelated but I just started using manual grains for polyphonic sample playback with v/oct and once again the 301 has changed the game… :open_mouth:

Get a slab of egg crate foam cut to the same dimensions as your modular. Glue the flat side to a sheet of 2mm ABS plastic. Place over the top of your modular before putting it into your gig bag.