The Bounty Hunters project 🦜

Big announcement today :robot: Double launch of:

  • The Bounty Hunters project
  • The Modular Motel web shop (that will help advance the Bounty Hunter project)

As a way to promote the development of units that the ER-301 community wants or needs the most, I have created a page on the hub that will attempt to keep track of those needs by means of a “monitized” priority list. For every unit that the community requests we will pool some money in the project by either buying a piece of merchandise in the Modular Motel web shop, or by directly sponsoring the project with a Bounty Hunter’s target (through the same shop). You can find the list of requested units and more detailed information on the “WANTED” page on the hub.

The bounty hunter’s list should not only clearly communicate to developers which units are most sought after, but will also provide an an incentive for them to start cracking on the project :smiling_imp: When any person delivers a unit that ticks all the boxes, they get rewarded the money that was collected. This amount will very likely not even come close to reflecting the amount of hours they have invested but it’s something. If a developer should decide to refuse the award, it will be donated to a charity of their choice.

The Modular Motel web shop was born from a few brainstorming sessions on how to collect funding for the ER-301 hub. We have decided to keep our hosting free on GitHub so now we can use it for fun stuff like this. Since it has been created especially for this purpose, it is currently filled exclusively with unofficial ER-301 fan merchandise. 50% of the profit of all purchases will go into the project you have mentioned on checkout. If you just want to sponsor a project without buying any product at all you can do so by following the PayPal donation link on the wanted page. 70% will go to the project you mention on the checkout form (since there is not design, shipping, printing and so forth involved)

I hope these projects will create some buzz, and I’m excited about the units that you will request. This is where you all come in by the way: we need projects, ideas and requirement lists for bespoke ER-301 units. Start here in this thread and propose your idea. We will branch out in dedicated threads whenever a new project is put on the bounty hunter’s list.

Please find more detailed instructions on how to go about funding or contributing to this project on the WANTED page.

Disclaimer: this is the first time I’m setting something like this up I don’t have a clue yet about the profit margins on the products and exactly how much will end up in the projects. Let’s say it’s in an experimental phase.


I have added three projects as test cases, they don’t have any dedicated threads yet and it’s just something off the top of my head. One of these projects is something coming up from @tomf: a 0.6 port of the synth voices :star_struck:

I was aiming at making a donation and see that I have to enter an address even though I’m not paying for merchandise.

By the time I got to the final page, I forgot the exact naming of the project I wanted to back.

My donation has been made but I feel it should be easier to identify a “Quick Cash Donation” button for those not interested in the merch.

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Yeah, should be doable. I got your order so let me know what you were backing!

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In the notes on the last page for ordering I believe I entered the Polyphonic Voice.

Oh yeah, true, got it! Nice to know this actually works as intended though, but you’re right, I’ll look into some sort of “donate now” button on the hub itself.

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Top project ! Congratulations.

I really would like the « Shards » unit ported as a bespoke unit. This unit is amazing and can be useful in every patch. With something like this everybody will want ( more ) an ER-301 !


[Shards - Custom Unit]

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You got it, added to the list.

@Unity2k I have added a direct PayPal donation link to the page, that should also work and will not require “shipping details” which no one needs in this case. Thanks for the suggestion!


If someone could port elements or rings into the 301… Any and or all MI would be nuts. Perhaps a split donation between coder and Emile’s charity of choice?


I have additional propositions for powerful sound design tools.

Phase distortion / linear phase shifter with an auxiliary input, to overlay one sound over another’s phase

Upwards compressor, downwards expander with atk/release (we have a downwards compressor, and upwards expansion via VCA’s without atk/release)


I would hope to see a reverse unit for ‘realtime’ reverse. Basically a buffer read in forwards and out backwards that could be added say in front of a delay to make a reverse delay.

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Thanks for the suggestions, guys. I have updated the list with backers so far and added some new projects based on your replies. The new projects could be better described though (mostly due to my own limited knowledge of sound technicalities). I think it’s important to take a more uniform approach to project submissions for the wanted list.

This is what I have in mind (and fits the fields currently defined on the list):

Project name: Ideally this would be the actual unit name that will be used when it’s done or a working title
Requirements: this would be a concise list with desired behaviour description, inputs, outputs, controls, etc. Think of it like a checklist. More detailed descriptions would be
Link: a forum thread with the full request and details. this one is optional if the above fields are self-explanatory

There are multiple discussions on the forum about live buffers and some problems involved, because of the clicks or artefacts that are generated when crossing the buffer’s start/endpoint. I’m not an expert but a real time reverse would probably have those problems as well. That being said, it would certainly be a rad unit so maybe someone who knows more than me will chime in. I’m sure @tomf has some more insight here since he has worked extensively with the sample player while building Sloop.


Congratulations, this is an excellent proposition and I’m confident will become hugely popular going forward

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It’s true that playing a sample in reverse is a simple as playing it forwards, the sample index is just decremented instead of incremented. There’s always issues when read heads cross over write heads but that can generally be solved with some creative fading, I think I heard that’s how instruo lubadh handles it.


yeah, My first idea to get rid of the click was to detect when the read and write head are very close to each other/ are going to overlap, and apply a slew limit to the signal to keep it from changing too rapidly. I don’t know if this would work, but it was an idea.

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Phase Distortion: You might be able to pull this off just with Middle-Layer patching. I don’t have a lot of spare time right now for development as I’m trying to spend more free time away from screens. I just implemented it in our latest plugin, so here are some notes:

  1. If you’re trying to emulate Logic Pro X’s Phase Distortion, all you need is a very small delay buffer. The incoming audio modulates the Delay Time parameter directly. An intensity parameter controls this depth of modulation (think milliseconds, nothing more… in my implementation 3 milliseconds is the maximum delay time).
  2. Optional extra features would be adding filtering to the input before it modulates the delay buffer (but don’t make it audible on the input itself… just the modulation signal) and a wet/dry mix.
  3. Once you have this working, this is actually how you emulate Ableton Live’s Erosion effect. Instead of using the input to modulate the delay buffer, use one channel of filtered white noise, n channels of filtered white noise, or a sine wave.

Erosion is actually based on ringmodding, not phasemodding, I applied the noise part of Erosion as part of a custom unit on this forum. Check it out!

Oh nice! I will for sure check it out.

I did a ring mod version for Bitwig Grid and posted it to the BW Discord. After posting it, there were a bunch of posts arguing whether the Ableton version is ring- or phase-modded. Someone claimed that allegedly Robert Henke made allusions to it being phase-based, but due to NDAs couldn’t elaborate. I haven’t bothered looking into finding that interview, but both variations sound nice! :laughing:

Our next plugin is a lofi toolkit. I tested out both ring and phase versions of the algo. I’m not sure which one is the more accurate emulation, but I ended up going with the phase version because I preferred the final sound (which might be a result of the interpolation method chosen for the delay buffer).

(Also, I hope that none of that comes off as defensive! I’m always learning and just wanted to share what I’ve found so far.)


i have a theory on how it actually is, under the hood, but I don’t have Ableton so can’t test for all use-cases but it’s definitely quite interesting

and nah ur cool :grinning: