The ER-301's "Hidden" Comb Filter

It dawned on me that it might be possible to create a comb filter effect with existing units in the ER-301. I thought it worked out pretty well, and grabbed a quick video.


Thank you for putting this out there Joe. :heart_eyes_cat: I particularly liked the oscilloscope inlay!

Just, a small note on your last example where you modulated the delay with a sine oscillator for a phaser effect. The sweeping sounded discontinuous because you were trying to modulate through 0ms delay to negative delays with your bipolar sine wave. The Variable Delay will just clamp a negative delay to zero. Therefore, you would use either a unipolar modulation (via the Rectifier unit) or bias up the delay so that the sweep never goes below zero.

Oh and if you chain multiple delays being modulated in the same fashion but different frequencies, you can get quite a nice shimmer effect going.


Ah, thanks @odevices! That makes perfect sense. I’m excited to try a few of them in series now. :ghost:

Really nice patch @Joe !! Thanks for sharing

You’re on a rolll @Joe - very nice!!! Thanks for sharing :smiley:

I am starting to get a little bit of a video production workflow/groove going. It’s getting easier to spin one up if I have something to share, and hopefully each one gets a little better. Now if I could just eliminate “uh”, “kinda”, and a few other words from my video vocabulary… something about that camera heh.

At any rate, it makes me really happy when I hear others are getting something out of them. :heart_eyes:


Enjoyed the video. This sort of sharing that you and Neil have done is really great! I hope that I can contribute something like that at some point too. :slight_smile:

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I did a synthesis for presentation for a Composer Guild earlier this year and I literally edited out about 15 minutes of “umms and uhhs” from the 1.5 hour event! :cry: :poop:

Editing for radio, one gets to know the waveforms of um’s and ah’s pretty well and that kind of editing becomes visual rather than aural…still a lot of work!


Good to know I am …uhhh… not alone here. :slight_smile: I know I’m not, though. I’ve been lucky enough to have taken a few public speaking courses from a specialist vendor here in the USA that does coaching for politicians and business leaders (and of course, any regular Joe like me who’s employer decides to send them there.). Small class sizes, lots of personal attention. Seems very few are “naturals” at public speaking, or in this case, unscripted video monologues.

@jonny, looking forward to it. I’m sure you probably have some cool stuff to share that hasn’t occurred to the rest of us yet. Even in beta firmware, the 301 is such a vast, rich playground. Probably no other way to get started then to just jump in and give it a whirl when you’re ready.

Hey @Joe, which delay would be the one in current firmware that would be best used for this?

Just the standard Delay or Stereo Delay would work fine.

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Got it working, thanks!

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