The future of scope mode

wondering what the future holds for using the 301 as a scope to look at various signals.

i don’t own any dedicated scope module, but if the 301 had a few added capabilities like being able to adjust the timescale of the scope so I could take a peak at oscillator waveforms, etc then i think all my scoping needs would be covered.

currently in dedicated scope mode (switch one: user, switch two: scope), the second screen isn’t being used to show waveforms at all and the first screen doesn’t seem to allow you to fill the screen with a signal (unless i’m missing a key combo here).


Not ready to talk about “scope mode” yet :wink: but feel free to vent/suggest/brainstorm.

FYI, as stated in the issue tracker, tuning info and adjustable time/amplitude controls are coming to existing waveform displays.


will this be out on 0.3?

happy 2018 for you @odevices

So I couldn’t tune a ukulele if my life depended on it. Pardon if I get the concepts wrong. I find pitch and relative pitch to be difficult to nail. A feature I imagine involves sending the same quantised sequence to a pair of oscillators as well as a reference to a 301 tuning scope. I often find that I come up with melodies at weird tunings of just one oscillator. It would be great to be able to adapt additional sound sources to the tuning of the first. Nice!


Old topic, but I didn’t want to start a new one.

If we can get a timescale adjustment on the bottom display in scope mode I would be so appreciative. It’s pretty useful now, but ideally I’d like to be able to see my waveform changes in realtime with a stable waveform view.

I took a look at the code. Even just a single shot manual trigger might work, it looks like there is already a portion of that implemented in the code.