The Hold Feature

not sure if it’s been mentioned yet, but just picked up this little bomb from the wiki:

The planned hold mode will keep all chain parameters fixed until you press Shift+Enter (Commit) to commit the values to their target values.

This is going to be epic when it drops :scream_cat:

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So, this means you could adjust the speed of a sample from 1 to .5 and then ‘shift-enter’ to make the adjustment, rather than it transitioning from 1 down to .5?

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I think so - yes!!!

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Guessing it’s going to work just like the ER101 - it would be immense if you could even load whole chains and then commit and plays although I suspect that might depend on what’s already playing & about to be loaded

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Thought we should have a thread about the hold feature so just moved these posts here!

Of course we’re still just speculating, but no harm in that as far as I can see!

The one thing that strikes me about this is the potential for huge changes across a patch at the flip of a switch, but that it would require quite a bit of work. Say I have a drum patch, and I wanted to mute everything for a breakdown, I could flip the hold switch, go through and mute all the drum channels and then press shift enter and all the changes to the mutes would be applied in that instant - great!

What would be really awesome is if these changes could be saved as some kind of ‘state’ so once I had programmed them I could happily switch between them as much as I liked. The hold switch could be the interim period while the alternative settings are ‘loaded’.

@vcoadsr - I agree that loading whole chains would be amazing… perfect for live performance!

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This ”switching between preset states” brings to mind one thing: the Octatrack with its crossfader. How cool would morphable scenes be?


Absolutely… I think I would spend a little bit of time crying with happiness :joy_cat:


so, expander module suggestion for the 301:

a 30 HP module with only one really large horizontal fader for scene morphing.

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Hehe - I have Rabid Elephant’s Knobs - highly recommended - although a little pricey the build quality is exceedingly high and the functionality perfect!

Oh… and deleting whole chains too?

I think it would be awesome if the changes made while in ‘hold’ could be slewed to their new values by a pre-determined time prior to ‘commit’.

HAHA this is great!! I think I would too if this was possible :smiley: