The last thing you added to your rack

I thought some distractionary tactics might be helpful (while waiting for other things) and realised that there’s nothing like a new bit of gear to focus the mind, get the cables flying and the speakers wobbling!

For me it’s been the Rainmaker, crikey, this thing can throw some delays around and then some, totally inspiring and the complete opposite in terms of usability to how it looks, the UI is really simple and easy to use. It sounds great!! It’s inspiring me to get back into the nitty gritty of sound design. It pairs really well with the ER-301 - it’s got the extra processing power to handle ridiculous delays freeing up the ER-301 to do other things (I like to use the ER-301 for delays a lot - I like delays).

So, what’s new for you and how is it inspiring? Does it complement the O|D modules in any particular way? How did you get to the point of choosing that particular module?

Anything goes, pour your heart out!



The last thing I added is the Industrial Music Electronics Bionic Lester MK3 that I’m beta testing for Scott Jaeger. It’s early in its “Work In Progress” state and so I’ll be hoping for some frequent updates prior to me heading to Superbooth.

Something I’m seriously looking forward to is a cassette module from Xavier Gazon who is making 15 of them, one is for me. CV controlled playback is one feature and with my unit there will be something “extra” that I’ll share after I receive it. My idea here is to feed the hissing warble of the tape into the ER-301 and my WhimsicalRaps W/ before looping it back from whence it came (big hint regarding the extra).


Whoa… I am somewhat envious, and also dismayed to deduce from this that the BL mkII is probably never going to appear… I will never complete that mkII case!!

That tape deck thing looks fun :slight_smile:

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Malekko buffered mult :grin:

Last “substantial” thing I added was the E370.

I’ve always been curious about the Rainmaker

My most recent add is Rainmaker as well. Unless you count the Nin expander for Zadar but I have not installed that yet.

I’ve barely scratched the surface of Rainmaker - it’s such a deep monster. Delays, reverbs, modal synthesis. It is a module I’ve been eyeing for a long time, but never pulled the trigger because I figured I’d never use more than 10% of it.

There’s a lot to it, but it really is easy to use once you understand it. I think I’ll be using a lot more than 10%.

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Nice. The only euro-delay I’ve ever owned is the Echophon–still have it, but hasn’t been in my case for some time. The sound-design possibilities of the Rainmaker are really enticing, but if my current trends hold up, I’d have four of the largest euro modules in my 12U setup.

Forgot to mention: haven’t dug into the sample player function on the E370 yet, but I’m very interested to see how it plays out.

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I’ve had, still have, or lust after all euro delays, it’s only a matter of time :smiley:

The only main one I haven’t had is the Chronoblob, the original never appealed and the new one might get a try out one day.

The two main ones that are still around are the 1-bit and the Rainmaker, neither are going anywhere. Two completely different styles of delay that I think pretty much cover all the ground between them except actual tape I guess!?

The others are all very nice, but there are only so many delays even I can use at any one time, so… :slight_smile:

The only one I actually had a proper gripe with was the E580 resampling delay - sounded lovely - but was line level input - yep on a euro module :roll_eyes:

edit, I realised I was probably wrong so looked on MG and yeah - there’s a lot of delays I haven’t tried :smiley: Still it’s surprising how many I have and I missed two main ones I will keep around: Tyme Sefari - also awesome - and Clouds!

since we are talking delays here, i can’t abstain from sharing some Folktek Conduit love. however cranky and weird it is, it’s my favorite Eurorack delay — maybe because i tend to try and hide the “obvious” “delayness” of most of them — but that thing is a BEAST. in many way it’s not “more than a delay” but ‘less than a delay” (for clean stuff ER-301 caters to all, and beyond, my needs). It is a Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster of delays capable of complete destruction of input sound in layered gurgles of most delicious noise and feedback. I also have the Echophon that i just love something about, the character, the gritty pitch shifter.
I’ve been eyeing the Rainmaker since it came around but never had the cash. Or, always found different application for cash.

Speaking of the latest addition, it’s been Nerdseq for me. Unlike Rainmaker, i knew I would grab it at the first opportunity. Trackers hold a lot of “sentimental” value for me (i started with ft2 and IT on a 386 pc in 1995 or 1996, we had a project of 2 people living in Siberia and went for a few years. i lived in trackers). And Nerdseq didn’t disappoint, i love it — as I still
love my 101/102 and another recent addition — teletype. i consider the sequencers covered for the foreseeable future.

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The last thing I added was an ADDAC200PI Pedal Integrator, with a custom black faceplate. Up in the top corner of my case, upside-down with right-angle 1/4" cables. For me this is the perfect design for pedal interface: no controls I don’t need, nice and compact, and everything’s out of the way.

Next item will probably be a Rossum Panharmonium – I’m pretty well convinced the thing is brilliant, and even though I still feel like I almost have too many sound sources, it’s also kind of an effect :slight_smile:

I won’t ask too many questions, but… should I be saving space for that one? :smiley: I had a Synchrodyne & Expand and had fun with that for a few months before deciding the chaotic bits were too chaotic and the predictable bits not quite what I wanted. I still love the idea of switched-capacitor filters, and I kind of miss the “hacked triangle” output from the Expand’s PLL…

Can’t really say anything about it yet as it’s early in the design phase with some of the jacks yet to be coded for. Scott will continue to iterate until he starts to tightly dial in the characteristics he has in mind. As of right now the basics of the filter work. Matter of fact I’m hoping for an update this weekend. One other note, I just took possession of the filter last weekend at Synthplex in Burbank, California.


I had a demo of the Panharmonium last Saturday from Dave Rossum and was BLOWN away by how complete, magical, and amazing it is. Dave was using a fragment of a speech by Ronald Reagan and brought the edges of sounds into a harmonic synthesis that was nothing less than perfect. If I wasn’t going to Superbooth and incurring those costs, I’d be pre-ordering the Panharmonium without hesitation.


Eek! Seriously hoping I won’t be adding the Rossum to a future entry on this thread. 1-10, how magical @Unity2k?

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Spinal Tap 11



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I bought a Flock Audio Patch… not eurorack… but 19" 1U rack. It’s a computer controlled patchbay and literally, it’s changed how I’m able to work as it’s pretty much ‘pluginized’ the routing of my outboard hardware (including modular). Whereas before, much of it was hard wired a certain way for the end of the line stereo mastering. Now I can track, route through modular and pro outboard in any combination I see fit and record it!! So I’m over the moon with the creative doors it has opened. I just wish it was wider in routing channels than the 32in/32out. Oh well, first world problems :slight_smile:

Unrelated, my Erica Synths Plasma Drive recently arrived and will report back on how nasty it (hopefully) sounds!


Ooh! Another one I’m impossibly curious about. The videos sound SOOOO good!

Looks good - how do you connect your modular to it?

According to the website you can stack 8 of them? :smiley:

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Is this thing in any way similar to Xaoc Odessa?

Also no Superbooth for me this year, though I will be following the new announcements with interest!

I find the Odessa to be more of a traditional oscillator having more in common with the 4MS Spectral Multiband Resonator while the Panharmonium is a “Resynthesizer.”

The Panharmonium takes an input such as a clip of speech and resynthesizes it using its grains that are manipulated as they feed through.