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The last thing you added to your rack

The latest things are 2 wobla faders which are good who doesn’t need 16 faders

New ideas to buy:

  1. SSF Dipole - sounds great for a sound design, I like the idea of stereo filtering but will try to recreate an idea with ER301 filters and controls.
  2. WMD Crucible - I have never heard any other drum machines or modules that sounds so good for cymbals and hats

Or Doepfer A-173-1/2: 15 outputs, each one individually configurable as gate, trigger or toggle.

Last thing I added to my rack was a DIY voltage source with 4 outputs of ±5V to control my 301. Works like a charm.


Dirty little sound sculptors - great for percussion with plenty of modulation.

I genuinely cannot fucking remember :laughing:

I added Sapel today and after a brief initial session with it I am thoroughly impressed. The ability to select which random outs are probability weighted or not is :ok_hand:t3:


Rainmaker yesterday, Befaco Sampling Modulator today. They actually make a good pair too, clocking the comb with a pattern and the tap delay with a steady clock :smiley:


Just added a 2HP Bell. Loving some of the glockenspiel sounds I’m getting out of it. Makes me want to do a bunch of Sigur Ros covers.

The latest non-rack piece of gear is the Tasty Chips GR-1. Incredibly awesome, a little quirky, but reallllly gets to some amazing places.


How’s the Spectral Devastator btw? Pure sonic Madness?


oooh, what is that? knobby and lighty!

ADDAC manual latches if I am not mistaken :slight_smile: Great little DIY project. I have the “gates” version

Exactly. I plan on using it for muting different “tracks” on the teletype, but I’m sure it’ll prove useful in other cases as well…

Ahem :blush: for some reason I saw the three modules as one, with a joystick, buttons and knobs! Something about the perspective maybe… carry on :smiley:


HAha, yeah. I was surprised you didn’t know it @josker. I guess Neil made this module a requirement for ER-301 owners. It is awfully useful though and I should probably get the latches as well come to think of it :smile:

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two newest adds- stereo dipole and panmix, both complement the er301 really well, the stereo filter is really nice for for analog stereo filtering of the 301’s outs. and the pan mix for mixing stereo sources in the rack plus cv’able panning! two of the six channels can accept a stereo input via a TRS breakout adaptor, the others mono pannable channels.
the wmd performance mixer seems great but i dont need to dedicate that much hp to mixing, i do most mixing external, but this is so nice for 6 chan of cv panning in not a huge hp, plus covers my headphone and line output needs for live, great addition.



just recently bought the pan mix. i am planning to complement it this way, which in turn will
complement the music computer and also mix together signals from other cases:

i was thinking about the stereo dipole, too. but i will try the wmd overseer for similar purposes first…

as for last additions: fostex t60rp and faderbank 16n in walnut

Please tell me the joystick module name

It’s a horstronic joystick, diy only

NB: I removed the spring, because I like to be able to set it somewhere and have it stay there…

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