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The last thing you added to your rack


Not used chord mode yet but agreed phase mod is great!

Can you explain more in the chord mode fm trick?

And I actually thought of that alternate wavefolding the other day but have yet to try it!



Chord Mode takes one of the V/OCT inputs as the root, and a second one as a row index into a 4-column table (you choose the table and the assignments in the Chord Mode settings). Then you can assign any oscillator to one of the columns.

ROM 4 in Chord mode has various useful offsets – 1 is 4ths/5ths/octaves, 2 is 12-tone steps, 3 is the first 8 harmonics, and 4 is a subset of the FM ratio table from the Yamaha DX100.

So what I do is assign Chord mode to ROM 4, follow V/OCT 1 and use V/OCT 2 for the index. I set Osc 2 to Chord 3 usually, so it follows along harmonically with whatever Osc 1 is doing. (Sequencing or modulating V/OCT 2 is pretty fun at that point if I want variations in timbre.) Often I’ll also assign Osc 2 FM to Param Y2 so I can use it as a manual offset, to tune slightly off perfect harmonics to get some slow beating in there.



Sort of, you have to sacrifice I/o to create a send/return system between units - which sort of defeats the point of a patchbay. The value for the $ drops wasting I/o like that.

To answer your other question, my performance mixer is hardwired to 16ch of inputs. But, I have a separate stereo in/out module that shows up as an available “insert” for that patchbay.

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I did my first mini live appearance with teletype as sequencer this Saturday. Used voltage memory to send high low to enable/disable different parts of the code, which seemed a waste of the voltagememory. So I just ordered a addac manual latches, should fit the bill…

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If they had a module that was half latches, half gates I’d pick it up in a heartbeat. Or maybe I should just get a Launch Codes.

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This is my first post here and the last thing I added to my rack was an ER-301 :slight_smile: The module I got before that was a Teletype even though I ordered the ER-301 earlier. Those two modules should probably keep me busy for the rest of the year.



I’m curios can be main idea of Panharmonium be reproduced in ER301?



Welcome and congrats on your 301!



You’re on the right track, in that the basis for your question is correct. The 301 is a DSP platform, and what the Panharmonium is doing is DSP. The 301 can certainly do some variation of what the Pan is doing, but I don’t believe it has the grunt (yet) to do a complete 33 oscillators version of it.

Beyond this, if your question is are the ingredients already present to build a panharmonium dish on the 301. I’m going to say no, but it has been a minute since I really deep dived on the 301, so I may be wrong.



I don’t think it’s close to feasible with the current firmware.

Maybe if there was a unit in the DSP layer that did the FFT analysis and exposed data for just a few of the frequency bins with the strongest amplitude, that could be used to control a handful of oscillators. It doesn’t seem like the sort of thing Brian would write as a standard unit, but maybe it’s something somebody can tackle once that layer is opened up to third-party development? I wouldn’t count on it though.

A vocoder seems more feasible, with a bank of a few bandpass filters rather than thousands of FFT bins to extract data from.



Another monome norns :grinning:



@Joe and myself did this already - it’s cool - works a treat!

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The latest version of Scorpio is currently sitting in the Accents library. There is a bug fix for it committed on the github repo that hasn’t been announced yet, so if you want a fully working copy today, grab the latest Accents from github:

I don’t want to say too much yet, but Scorpio will be moving to a new home very soon.



Haha… you tease!!




The latest things are 2 wobla faders which are good who doesn’t need 16 faders

New ideas to buy:

  1. SSF Dipole - sounds great for a sound design, I like the idea of stereo filtering but will try to recreate an idea with ER301 filters and controls.
  2. WMD Crucible - I have never heard any other drum machines or modules that sounds so good for cymbals and hats


Or Doepfer A-173-1/2: 15 outputs, each one individually configurable as gate, trigger or toggle.



Last thing I added to my rack was a DIY voltage source with 4 outputs of ±5V to control my 301. Works like a charm.



Dirty little sound sculptors - great for percussion with plenty of modulation.



I genuinely cannot fucking remember :laughing:



I added Sapel today and after a brief initial session with it I am thoroughly impressed. The ability to select which random outs are probability weighted or not is :ok_hand:t3: