The screen glitches and flickering

Hi i have my ER-301 for 1 month now, i have been using and trying to learn in the meantime without any problem.
Yesterday, the main screen started to distort, making glitches. Sometimes it was flickering in a way that it was hard to read the menu.
i am sure it is not like a cpu overload thing, did anyone have such an issue ?

Hello. I was just about to reply to your email. :sweat_smile: I didn’t get the video by the way. So if you could put it in Dropbox and send the link, I would appreciate it!

This is the first time I’ve heard of this. It sounds a lot like a power starvation issue on the +12V rail. Can you give me some details on your power solution please?

Also, please mention any recent changes to your case.

well yestarday i added a wiard noisering to my set up (into the same row) and then it started to happen, but it does not do all the time.
After some time it comes back to normal and then starts again to glitch, so not sure it is about adding the wiard.

my case is gorillabox 104 hp 12u dual briefcase, using dual tiptop power system (1 powered, 1 nonpowered per lid) (21 x 12 3/8 x 8 3/4)

but as i said there was no problem until yesterday.

i put the video in the link, it is a short video, if you need a longer one i can resend it tonight


What happens if you remove the Noisering from your case?

(Please understand that I am not trying to blame the Noisering for the problem. It is just standard debug procedure to restore a system to the last known working state and then try to identify the cause of the problem.)

Have you calculated the total power usage of your modules for each of the power rails?

there was rene before and then i took it out and replaced with noisering.
you can see my previous set up, the only difference is, noisering instead of rene.

i can remove the wiard at the weekend and see what happens…

I’m not sure that I found the correct specification for your TipTop power but according to this (see last page):

The max output current for the +12V rail is 1300mA per lid. However you are over 2200mA which is quite close to 2600mA total for both lids. You will need to add up the current consumption for the 12V rail per lid to make sure you are not too close to 1300mA for the bottom 2 rows. Also, you will need to make sure that your power brick can actually provide enough power to drive all of your rails to their full potential. What is the power rating of your power brick?

I’m not sure that I got the right model of your power solution, so you should also check with whoever sold you the Gorillabox for exact numbers. This is crucial information for planning your case. :man_teacher:

One more thing: Please make sure you are using the REG setting for 5V source on the back of your ER-301.

hi Brian, thx for the quick responses ,

reg is set for 5v.
On the other hand my first 2 rows for +12v is 1209, while the bottom 2 is 1073 so i guess i have still some room or am i wrong? 1073 is not too close to 1300 limit.

I am not technically informed about the power brick rating, i guess it is Cincon-TTA brick style as far as i understand from the Zeus Access Dual specs. I got the case from analogue haven and i can ask them (if they can help) about the exact numbers if you think it is a power issue.

I think this is too much draw for the power supplies. loads on MW about this kind of problem (search is back up apparently - yay!) but a general rule of thumb is 80% of max capacity is all you can really rely on.

A picture of your brick’s label will let me read it for you :nerd_face:
Is your system powered by two bricks (one for each lid) or is it one brick powering both lids?

I tend to agree with this also. The last 20% of power can be accessed but at that point you have to be technically proficient enough to be aware of the various situations that could decrease the power capacity of your system as well be able to recognize the signs of power starvation. Power starvation is not a binary phenomenon but rather a gradual degradation accompanied with random and inconsistent behavior (especially for digital modules).

Fortunately, the test for power starvation is easy: Power your ER-301 by itself and see if the problem goes away.

it is powered by 2 bricks
the power supply values are written in turkish, i hope you can read the numbers :grin:

Thank you very much for the pictures. :+1:

Those TTA boards are lower power then the ones I was looking at previously. These boards provide only 1200mA on 12V rail not 1300mA. The specifications on the bricks look fine according but these are not Cincon bricks that come up with TTA power solutions and I do not recognize the manufacturer. Is that a reputable manufacturer of power supplies?

It would be great if you could test the ER-301 with the Morphagene, Varigate and Voltage Block unplugged then we can put the power starvation theory to rest.

they are not Cincon brickss you are right. They are a local company from here Turkey.
They should be ok.

So now i removed the noisering again, and there is no problem :slight_smile:

No more glitches. Now I guess i have to work on the distrubition of the power more equally for each row in my set up now.
thank you .