The wait is killing me

Mine is supposed to ship the middle of September, and I’m all prepped. I have a Percussa SSP coming in May of next year as well and I’m really excited to see what these two can do together.

Curiously has anyone who has heard about the SSP thought about how these two might work together? One of the main thing that draws me to the 301 is the UI and how it is controlled. I specifically like the big encoder that is used universally throughout the interface.

What is the average amount of time it takes to set up the 301 for use? (understanding of course that this depends on what you’re using it for so I’m really just kind of looking for an average.)

I don’t think there is any true answer to this number. It all depends what you want the module to accomplish within your patch. It could be anywhere from 5 seconds to a few minutes. Most of the fun/discovery with the module doest have a timer attached to it, just like most eurorack gear. It’s just playtime :slight_smile:

For general operations such as routing signal or starting the recorder: seconds. A lot of the videos I’ve made, even the le more complex things, usually a few minutes or so and that’s including my rambles.

Once you dial in processes you enjoy or know will compliment certain scenarios, you can save these all as presets, cutting down future setup time and use full system snapshots for songs and such.



Holy moly… that’s HUGE - and it looks great!

Going to say what I think, well, you brought it up and did ask :wink:

Impressive specs, but didn’t hear anything in the demo making me drool… of course, they’re just demos so never representative. ( I’m also trying to not GAS for it :smiley: ) Why, for a $1500 module, are they recording demos with a phone? edit; the video itself is fine, I mean I think audio should be recorded separately and synced up.

I thought the (inadvertent?) comparison to the ER-301 when discussing specifications interesting in that they seemed very conservative to me, I kept thinking, but the ER-301 can do what you’re talking about, what are you using all that extra power for?

Then I started to wonder how much of that additional processing power is used up with the very big lcd and very complex interface, it’s certainly a very different approach to the ER-301.

In short it seems like a ‘brute force’ version of the ER-301, don’t want to be mean or anything that’s not the point, the point is I much prefer the minimalist elegance and open patch philosophy of the ER-301.

Also seems to me to be literally one step away from a full blown computer in a module and that I could get a decent laptop and a DC coupled sound card and have a very similar experience, if not a better one because of the massively wider palette of tools available.

I will be very interested to hear how you think they compare @2disbetter

Oh and welcome :slight_smile: Great to see you made it here and congratulations on your ER-301 and SSP :slight_smile:

edit: p.s. what @NeilParfitt said too +1

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Totally a finger in the wind here since I hadn’t heard of the Percussa SSP until now. The SSP (according to what I read on muff’s) sounds like its primary focus is on being a great oscillator. The ER-301’s four outs are all AC coupled (so no CV out). So as far as them working together, I would envision feeding the SSP’s outputs into the ER-301. It could take a lot of the load off of the 301 if it doesn’t have to be a sound source, freeing up its CPU to do all manner of other processing on the SSP’s sound.

As far as the set up time, if you haven’t, you should totally watch Neil’s videos while you wait. They will give you a really good sense of what it’s like using the ER-301, and help you hit the ground running when it does arrive. For me, they helped make the wait a little more bearable. :slight_smile:

[quote=“kel, post:3, topic:632”]
Impressive specs, but didn’t hear anything in the demo making me drool… of course, they’re just demos so never representative. ( I’m also trying to not GAS for it :smiley: ) Why, for a $1500 module, are they recording demos with a phone? edit; the video itself is fine, I mean I think audio should be recorded separately and synced up.[/quote]

It’s potential lies in what it is capable of. As this is still in prototype stages, quality demos just aren’t available yet. This is why the specs, and extend-ability are being touted so much. An SDK will be released with it, and custom modules (and thus functionality) can be made by anyone proficient in C++.

The displays being what it is still doesn’t prevent it from stacking 64 independent oscillators. There is also a dedicated GPU that is barely being used. Trust me the GUI and interface are barely touching processing power and bandwidth.

This has kind of been the mindset that has kind of pushed up against the creation of this. Just remember the same came be said about the ER-301. The reasons the 301 and SSP are useful are because they are tailored made to interface and be a part of a eurorack. So think about the ultra low latency and extremely high audio fidelity from hardware doing nothing else but sampling and dealing with playback.

I see the 301 and SSP as being the Golf and Porsche. Both will get you to point B from A, and if that is your only criteria, the SSP makes no sense.

For me, and my purpose for building a modular to begin with, was to build the ultimate synth. Something I couldn’t get in any other piece of hardware or software currently. With the 301 and SSP working so well in tandem there really is no territory or sonic pallet I couldn’t reach. Coupled with the unlimited options of patching and modulation, and the ultimate synth will have been accomplished. At least for me. YMMV.

I will concede that one day modular will not make sense in the analog realm, and it will be infinitely better if done in digital. I’d say we have about another 10 years if I’m being conservative.

Totally agree. I’ve been devouring those videos! Big thank you @NeilParfitt!

It started out as being a ueber oscillator, and has morphed into a module that can do it all with headroom to spare. And the relationship you are describing there is exactly how I’m planning to use them. I REALLY think it has so much potential. I do kind of see the 301 doing mainly modulation duties though, as I’d still let the SSP do effects. But really there is no right or wrong with how the two are used, and that is also what is so exciting.

Thank you everyone for your posts. You guys are a real class act!


One thing to keep in mind is that the ER-301 does not have CV outs, so modulation duties will have to be to internal parameters.

edit: I see Joe also mentioned this earlier