Thinking of selling ER 301

As much as I like this module I haven’t used it at all since I bought it. I just assumed it would have a simple pedal looper in it but it’s very cumbersome and time consuming to make a guitar style looper. I’ve seen how you guys do it and I understand it can be done but for me the work flow doesn’t work. If there will be something like this coming out in a update very shortly please let me know and I’ll be patient otherwise it’s going up for sale.

You know you can save out the chains, presets or custom units so you only have to do the setup once, and then just load it up whenever you want it, yeah?


I think you would regret selling it, especially if a pedal looper came out soon (which Brian said is planned). If I were you, I’d give it another 6 months or so to see how things develop. There have been so many enhancements, especially the copy/paste/move to mixer, which have sped up workflow too.

Yeah. You’re probably right I guess I should just wait see what happens. Maybe tonight I’ll try to make a template for a simple looper.


But…but… it’s sooooo much more than a looper. I guess you could be «lost» in all the other guys projects/ideas of what the er301 is supposed to be. But this module is so «open» that I think it really up to you. I bought it mainly to manipulate/modulatoe samples/concretéte recordings, and it’s working out great. Still I find a LOT of interesting stuff from other users utilising FM synthesis etc. So no limit really👍🏻

How long ago did you buy it?

Don’t sell! Unless you’re gonna unload it for cheap $$$$$$$$$$

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I think the 301 is still in its early stages so sell it and then come back to it in a year or so!

Hopefully by then the sampling / looping side will be more developed and if the SDK comes out there could be more options for the sampling / looping side of things.

I think if you are used to and like hands on more straightforward easy quick to use modules / loopers then ultimately I don’t think the 301 is going to be for you anyway as it will need time spent to program and set everything up and will need to have external control modules patched in to even use it.

Take a look at the Boss RC505, looks really good and straightforward to use:

I get that many people despise menu diving. However I feel like this is a huge cop-out that keeps many people away from being able to do things only accessible in menu diving modules.

It smacks of people wanting to stick with horses because cars required you to learn how to drive.

Back OT: for sure hold on to it. Especially since your chief complaint is fixed by saving what you want as a preset. All good things take time to learn. No biggy.


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I understand you. I find the signal flow way too cumbersome. It’s not intuitive at all. And there are a lot of things missing. It’s no fun to build something inside of it.
But on the other side, this module saved me from buying the Verbos harmonic osc again, and it saved ma from buying drum modules, too. So it’s a gas destroying devices, which is good:-)
And it sounds very good! That’s a big strength!
Also, after Building something it’s fun to play with it.

So, i also will wait at least one year to see where it all goes. And I believe it all will turn out very good and I will be happy to have kept it:slight_smile:

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It sounds to me that even when the pedal-style looper comes out, given the fundamental style and direction of the ER-301 so far, there will still be the issue of the poor fit with your workflow. The looper will always just be a unit inside the ER-301 and I fear the workflow that is not working for you will always be getting in your way, no matter how great the looper unit becomes. I would love to have you stick around of course! But we all have to choose our battles.

Maybe Audio Damage will get their Audio Buffer module out soon? If they do, they will do a much better job than me at filling the needs of users who want something a bit more hard-wired and simplified than the ER-301. I’m not out to corner any markets here! My style is to embrace complexity and derive inspiration from it. That will often be at odds with the preferred workflows of the majority of users out there I believe. There is no doubt about it – I’m a weirdo and I have weird tastes! :bow:

Noted! :sweat_smile:

However, lets make sure we are on the same page with expectations. The ER-301 is never going to compete with MAX/MSP when it comes to the ease of making huge complex arbitrary patches. I do not have the design chops to compress the MAX/MSP experience without degradation to a 256x64 grayscale display. :rofl:

The graphical patching of the ER-301 is really meant to solve the typical issues that arise when integrating with an external modular patch - in other words providing just enough flexibility so the user can provide his own glue between a critical ER-301 unit and the external real-world patch that is driving it. There have been intrepid and brave users who have gone on to push that boundary but what they are doing is not the typical usage scenario being considered (by me at least). Building entire synthesizers and effects is meant to happen in the lower (non-graphical) levels(*) that are coming up.

(*)Previously mentioned here:

So basically what I’m saying is that I agree with you that it is not really that fun to make huge complex patches on the ER-301. I’m assuming that is what you are talking about because of our previous conversation on routing flexibilty.

Okay enough playing around and back to coding! :innocent:

Good thread by the way!


Warms my heart to know that O|D is run by a weirdo discovering weird stuff to share with other weird people. Long live complexity…and the humor of @NeilParfitt who seems to be a bit of weirdo too…come to think about it I have an inkling of feeling that @anon83620728 could be weird. All of this and the struggle to learn and understand is what is endearing me to this community and cast of characters.


It depends on the person. I’m guessing that a lot of people went into ‘modular’ to get away from the computer screen and treat it more like an instrument with hands on controls.
I’m sure that is a big appeal for a lot of people with modular, and there are modules out there that cater for that, such as the Morphagene and the new 4MS sampler too.
Even the forthcoming Rossum offering has controls on the front panel for all of the options.

Personally I don’t mind a bit of diving and have to say that the UI of the 301 is very well designed, and even though it is very complex I can always remember how to use it even if I don’t use it for a while, something I could never do with the Octatrak which I was constantly having to go back to the manual for.


I went out and picked up a loop pedal and it’s perfect for my needs. After giving it a deep though I’ve decided to keep the 301. One of the reasons I love modular so much is all the weird combinations we can come up with and this box has it all. It’s just me that needs to spend more time with this module.
And yeah I’m one of those people that grew sick of looking at a computer screen, but being able to build complex effects and synths inside this thing is pretty cool.


Quick post before heading off back outside for… wait for it… a hedge laying course!! Yes, I know I am a glutton for punishment and I should be just resting… but opportunity knocks and it will lead to more outdoors work - yay :slight_smile:

Programming the ER-301 is loads of fun for me… and yes @2disbetter I am weird! Thanks for the compliment hehe I wouldn’t ever want to be any other way.

Yes, the signal flow is a little bit of a leap in conceptualisation, but once it’s understood it’s not problematic and actually a very elegant way of representing these things we all like so much in such a small package.

If I have any practical advice it is not to sell it, wait for the new looper, concentrate on sourcing the right modules/external gear to control your ER-301 and see if it works for you. It’s right that it willl take some effort. If it doesn’t work out, fair enough, move on to something dedicated as suggested.

Also check out all the other things you can do - I am repeating what others have said, but it’s true :slight_smile:

Good luck - have fun :cat:

edit: we cross-posted - glad to hear you have something that does what you want now and good decision to keep the ER-301! Give us a shout if you need help with anything :slight_smile:

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This could be said of modular as a whole :blush:


I would strongly advise against selling.

I went through a similar thought process a little while back. I bought my ER301 when it first came out and found it a little ovrwhelming. Almost got to the same place you are at. What changed my mind was getting a small 7U performance case and putting the ER301 in that. The second thing was getting my head around the custom units.

Now I have a bunch of sample files embedded in custom units all sliced and ready to go. A couple of these are recordings of my Pico Drums. In the custom controls I can change slice, gain, pan, etc. but here is what blew me away. I have also got custom units that emulate the Trigger Riot they use 4 tap tempos, with delays and a quantizer embedded. This means I can load a custom unit with samples and trigger sequence all in 1 click. All I feed the ER301 is a Clock and pitch.

Yes it takes a little time to set up, but once you have done so you can quickly load.


Yep, this! In a world where I can download a $20 polyphonic wavetable synth app with a complete FX engine and routing matrix that sounds absolutely fantastic onto a device I can easily take anywhere, sometimes I have to question my fascination with Eurorack in general. (I am referencing Waldorf Nave for iPad but there are plenty of other examples like this). But I think this is what the passion comes back to, for me. Freedom, adventure, exploration.

I think I probably qualify as one of the intrepid and brave souls who has gone beyond 2-3 units. Trust me, you can get really fast with this thing and it becomes very intuitive without too much time investment. It’s very rewarding to spend some time getting to know it.

That said, I am also looking forward to more prepackaged units as well as the additional programming layers.


And this is why I am really happy modules like the er-301 exist. Otherwise I never would have gotten into Euro myself.


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You sir and your thinking are what are pushing eurorack forward. Modular synths have always been the king of synthesizers. However they have always been thwarted by their patching (which also enables its greatest strength and is therefore crucial to it) and lack of memory states. The ER-301 and other modules like it, show that we can have all of the awesome modularity eurorack (read patching and cv control over anything) is known for, AND some of the conveniences and capabilities digital is known for. Combining the two is a natural evolution and one that will finally push modular synths forward.

While I’m gushing, I would like to thank you for the decision to use the monochrome oled on the 301. My first computer was an ibm 5055 with a monochrome CGA screen built in. I loved that thing so much! This rekindles that same kind of appreciation. Excellent design decision!!