Thinking out loud - leading a sound through a series of effects - telephone game style

So I was thinking yesterday about how it would be interesting to “lead” a sound through a series of effects, one step at a time, and how you would go about doing this on the ER-301. I don’t want to have everything on at once, as that’s easy enough, and I don’t want to just sequentially activate one effect at a time - but let’s say you have a sound hit a flanger, then on the next clock tick, the flanged sound goes into a delay, the next clock tick, the flanged delayed signal goes into a bitcrusher … etc. So … there must be some sort of buffer/looper thing involved, that captures the initial sound and then sort of sends it through the effects one at a time, while simultaneously capturing what it does when an effect is active, and then releases that new buffer into the next effect - and so on.

I don’t know if that makes sense. It’s like a telephone game for a sound - ish. Anyone tried something like that or have any immediate ideas on how to accomplish it easily enough in the ER-301?


Monitor the output of a dub looper and feed that same output into your sequential switch (effect selector), with effect output routed back to looper input.

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ah, yeah, a dub looper! that could do the trick. thanks for the tip. :slight_smile:

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