This morning's fun (guitar to cv)

This morning’s experiment with some new 0.3 features, including the analog preamp and the pulse to hertz unit. So the synth is completely being totally controlled by the guitar (pitch and amp VCA). The guitar is directly connected to IN1. Sort of playable at this point, definitely not perfect. There might be ways to improve it with some more filtering, eq, etc.

Anyway, no masterpiece here. Just some show and tell. In the demo, I recorded the dry and synth output and then just rearranged them in the DAW so that you can hear dry first, then synth. Seems to work best on the neck pickup with the tone dialed back.

Including the unit chain preset for anyone who wants to check it out.
Guitar to (2.4 KB)


Where’d you find the tiny guitar…or is that a custom 15U ER-301?


cooooool!!! Have you tried this with a vocal??

Well, now that you put the thought into my head of course I had to try it.

I would rate the result as “way too atrocious to share.” :slight_smile:

There are obviously products on the market that can do this, so maybe with the right chain in there to specifically filter out the all of the harmonics generated by a larynx… but my simple chain did not work out well for pitch tracking the complex human voice.