Thread To Break The Forum Silence Part 2

Back in mid-2017 during a particularly quiet period here on the forum, I started a thread to foster some small talk while the next firmware was being worked on. I didn’t want to nudge or bother Brian about what specifically he was working on as that would just distract him from the seriously important stuff.

Now here we are a few years later and that old thread has over 600 comments so I thought it might be time to start Part 2. You see, I’m back at that point where I’m checking in here all the time looking for hints regarding firmware v0.6.0.

Don’t read anything into that, I’m not really missing anything like I might have been back when v0.2.0 was fresh but this version 0.6.0 has seemingly been getting a lot of work. Such a long silence portends interesting stuff for the many hundreds of us who are die-hard fans of the mighty ER-301 and now with each passing day, the buildup of excitement starts to become excruciating. In a good way of course.

I can no longer remember which version of firmware shipped on the unit that I received on December 7, 2016, but I have saved a copy of the first one I installed which was ER-301-bleeding-edge-48kHz that was released the day I received my module.

I wonder how many things have been added since those days Brian sent out the first batch of ER-301’s. Who out on our planet was the first person to receive their Sound Computer? What will v0.6.0 bring by way of surprise and when might it arrive?


I am very interested in the potential of the command bus, and am also interested in the deeper dev tools we will eventually have access to. There are still so many capabilities I haven’t even scratched the surface of yet.

I just recently started using the sample scanner and it is so powerful. I really hope we can eventually scan through multiple samples, that way you could do morphing waveshaping effects, or have a dial that can go between exponential conversion to logarithmic.

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Brian was :smile:


Seems like the low level SDK might be in the works just based on the post Brian made about success with a linker. I’m looking forward to that. Not sure what I might be able to do there. It has been decades (God, I’m old lol) since I’ve done any DSP programming. But I think this will be a fun environment to try to wade back in. Wonder who out there will try their hand at it. Seems like we’ve had a few over the years that weren’t interested in coding for the 301 until the lower level is available.

I think my 301 shipped with firmware v 0.2 as well. We’ve come a long way since then, eh? I’m just thinking about how much has been added to the sample player alone since then!

Agree, @warpigs330 the command bus I think will take things to a whole new level once again when it arrives. I’m not even sure exactly what to expect there, but I have a hunch it will be really flexible and powerful.


Is that the sound of v0.6.0 I hear in the distance???


Sounds like a herd trampling and shaking the earth! :joy:

The anticipation for 0.6 continues to build. The wait is making me feel like we’re going to get some really pleasant surprises!

Going out on a limb here with some wild speculation.

As we are all familiar with this COVID situation upon our own routines, many of us have likely had extra time to dig into long neglected things, projects, hobbies, etc. I’m guessing that Odevices too has found concentrated time to work in-depth along the way on something or other.

In about a week it will have been 9 months since the ER-301 firmware v0.5.0 series began and from the slower pace of bug reports compared to previous versions where so many of us were waiting for core features, this v0.5.x run has been obviously satisfying to a majority of O|D users. I can’t remember a time where the releases were so far and few between. So here comes why I think that is.

Could Brian be working on a new module?

I know some would prefer some kind of expander for the ER-301 while others might want the CPU upgrade more so, as for me, I’m generally very happy and the absence a clamoring howl in the forum for such things, I’d venture to guess neither are a priority.

Maybe comprehensive documentation is being created for the ER-301 but I’m thinking that’s not in the cards either as most all stumbling blocks not documented are typically resolved in the forum.

This leaves room, or at least the idea for, a new module.

I could not possibly have a clue, if Brian were to create something new, of where he would go as with the ER-101/102 and ER-301 we’ve been treated to modules that have set solid baselines of something that approaches perfection and I doubt he would follow-up these works of art with some basic anything.

I’m not posting this to start a guessing game of what the mind behind O|D is up to nor am I looking for verification or denial that anything is in the pipeline as I simply enjoy the intrigue that it’s possible.

Between the three current ERs Brian has made a (more than) fully featured digital ecosystem. I struggle to imagine what an addition to the OD catalog would look like. Maybe some really high quality analog stuff? A complex synth voice or a flexible and more real-time controller to complement the 102/301?


I keep imagining a “mirror” 301 that’s CV-focused with the knob on the right and 12 outputs in a matrix on the left.


I always assumed Brian had a half dozen prototypes on the workbench in various stages at all times. But of course I have no idea. :slightly_smiling_face:


It sure would be nice to hear whats going on with the next fw update.

lol. How annoyed with us is Brian right now :rofl:?


The more you give, the more people want. In the meantime v5 is insanely capable. I don’t have nearly enough imagination to make the best of it.