Thread To Break The Forum Silence

Am I the only one looking at this tab in their browser 10 times a day waiting for any kind of update or information exchange? I’m starting this thread for people to write nothing really in particular but to add something from time-to-time when things are otherwise quiet around here. Seriously…who ever experienced a solid 24 hours without a posting here?


Haha. I don’t contribute much but I do enjoy reading a getting the nuggets of information presented.

I hope some of the stereo utilities are being considered! I was contemplating purchasing the mid-side encoder/decoder, but then I thought “I bet the 301 will be able to do that in a month or so…”

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Haha indeed! Post of the week!!!

I do read some things but because it’s mostly about the 301, which I don’t have or want, there’s not much to contribute at the moment except some pics of my modular under construction :sunglasses:
Still waiting, forever it seems, on the ER101/102…

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Heheh … yeah… It’s just too hot to post… wait what am I doing? :sweat:

Things will naturally pick up again I’m sure :slight_smile:

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@anon83620728 might you be in Arizona or the Palm Springs area?

Unbelievably I’m in the north of the UK!! It’s 27 degrees!!! :sunflower: :sunny:

I guess that’s not that hot, but we’re totally not used to it at all!

Difficult to feel sympathy as by Tuesday it’s supposed to be 49 degrees here in Phoenix…we are going to merge with the molten surface of the desert and all become glass, but at least my area will have some artistic appeal with all these knobs and jacks poking through.

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Crumbs - yep that’s definitely hot!!!

I’ve visited places where it’s been that hot, 0% humidity in Indian desert and 100% humidity in Africa - I much preferred the dry heat, but easily drank 7 litres of water a day to keep hydrated. It’s funny, I don’t cope very well between 25 and 35 degrees but after that I seem to be ok again!

My ER-301 is still 5-6 weeks from shipping. So let me tell you what I’d be doing with my 301 right now, if I had it in my hands.

I would take a sample buffer full of field recordings. Noisy, atonal, one shot stuff - whatever I can find floating around the kitchen to make noise with and what not. :fork_and_knife: Slice them up in the 301 and set up a sample player so I can control which slice is selected with a mod wheel or some other voltage source. Then direct that output into Mutable Instruments Rings “in” jack, and see what kind of weird timbres I can pull out doing that.

Because that sounds like fun! :ballot_box_with_check: Then I’d probably repeat a similar experiment but using the manual grains unit to turn that Rings input into bizarre glitchy textures.

  • 1 waiting for 101

ordered 101/102! :confetti_ball:

ER101/102 in Nostalgia being prepared.
I’m getting excited :blush:

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I was in line to expect a mid-July delivery on my 301, but found a like new unit for sale yesterday, with the same panel choice I originally ordered. Looks like I’ll be diving in tomorrow (!), and am excited to check out the sample library the previous owner has included.

Also excited to use the 301 with the Morphagene in a 4-channel environment. :slight_smile:

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Contrats! And…

That sounds like it has a ton of potential! Hope you’ll post some audio for us after you figure that combo out. :hear_no_evil:


Yes!!! Please some calm in the forum getting mine next Monday after some month of wait. I fell this will be so complex after all the reading in these month and too much to explore… hum, there should be a manual coming soon.

Here we go again…8 hours of forum silence! Who can endure this kind of torture? Hmmmm, if only our Earth could go 8 hours without hearing from 45.

Apologies for my absence, been preparing for a big gig this weekend at the Blue Dot festival supporting Orbital, Leftfield, Goldfrapp etc… okay okay, you got me… I’m not really supporting them exactly, but am playing at the same festival and it looks like it’s going to be a cracker :smiley:

We will be presenting what we believe is a genuine world first, it’s utterly bonkers, and I’ll tell you all about it if it goes well hehe :wink: (I’ll tell you anyway I promise - but don’t want to spoil the surprise by letting the cat out of the box before we have done it!)

Is there anyone here attending Blue Dot?

If so drop by the Starfield and look for the friendly folks in lab coats :nerd:(hmmm that might not be that distinctive actually) smashing the crap out of every material substance we can get our hands on with 10,000 Volts of electricity!!

There’s a fair to middling chance we might be making quite a lot of noise :skull_crossbones:


Can we talk Digitakt for a moment? I have come close to ordering one several times but the voicing just seems so basic compared to the 301. I’m sure it would be a disappointment. I realize that the thing about is the sequencer, but even it seems fairly limited. Dissenting opinion?

I got one.

It might have been a mistake on my part, getting the Digitakt just ahead of getting an ER-301, but I’m not too worried after spending a bit of time on the DT. The biggest plus for me is the general workflow. I’m pretty familiar with Elektron boxes and the interface can be, for me at least, quick and intuitive. It’s got mutes, the “CTL-ALL” feature and some other live-oriented performance features that would take a second to set up on the ER-301. At least for 8 tracks.

In fact, I think it’s a pretty good match for the ER-301. The Digitakt feels a bit like an SP404SX (which I haven’t used) – a simple, straightforward sampler that rewards coming up with workarounds and a muscle memory. The ER-301 seems like a vast pool of sound design tools, and also handles long samples like a champ. If there were time stretch on the 301, I think ‘everything’ you can do with samples would be pretty much covered between the DT and ER-301, now that @anon83620728 made short work of the multisample with his piano :slight_smile:

The things I’d hope they add: Quantized sampling start/stop (as on the Octatrack), a bit more MIDI implementation (nothing critical is missing) and slicing would be nice, but hey, it’s a drum sampler.

And concerning the sequencer – it’s actually pretty cool, with probability stuff, fill modes and so forth. The things that sometimes make a person feel like they’re painting through a keyhole is that the probability/fill modes are selected with a single encoder and that even though there’s 4 note polyphony, every note of a chord has to be the same length and they can’t overlap with later notes, but get cut off. But I think many people would be very pleased with the Digitakt’s MIDI sequencer. FWIW, I have a Cirklon and I think I could be pretty happy with the DT’s sequencer for all my sequencing duties. obviously the Cirklon does a lot of stuff the DT can’t, but the point is that you can do amazing stuff with a sequencer like the DT’s – the limitation is going to be your skill and imagination, not the tool.

Edit: Sorry for the short-form novel. If you have any questions, just shoot :slight_smile:

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