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Thread To Break The Forum Silence



Thanks guys, I got over it a long time ago, but if only… hehe :joy:

The main benefit is that you can’t fiddle it, it’s very robust in this sense :slight_smile:

I believe the governments of the world will one day implement this kind of currency, how far that day is ff is anyone guess.


I agree that blockchain has a future, which is why I’m starting to pay attention to it. I will say though: today China announced a ban on all crypto trading, and the market is going south really fast. So interesting to watch it fluctuate so heavily!


The blockchain should not only be construed as an element of cryptocurrency. The value of the blockchain technology stack for the purposes of a decentralized database and apps acting as an independent truth table is likely going to be as large a function of this emerging tech as for financial transactions. Ethereum is much more than a currency and is worth checking out Vitalik Buterin’s work and thoughts surrounding it.


My only real problem with crypto currency is that all the processing and compute needed to mine it is not doing any real thing. It isn’t contributing to SETI or recombination projects. They are computers using loads of electricity for a digital bit that has no intrinsic value and does nothing.

Outside of this I think it is really fascinating and I like the reasons for it’s creation.



^^^ that’s a really thoughtful take on current impact and philosophy :+1:


I concur…but then manipulation of global currency markets has been ongoing for a good while as well…which is probably how the crypto thing will/seems to be devolving. I was once on a barge on the Ucayali with my family, taking a cheaper, slower option to get from a to b which seemed a good idea at the time :wink:, and as a result was out of communication with the rest of the world for 7 days.

By the time I arrived at my destination, my available finances had been slashed by a third, because the AUD had dropped from over parity with the USD to about 0.66c.Within a week! If I had been at home it probably would not have had so much impact, but it had significant impact because all of my exchanges to the local currency were made with through/via the Yankee dollar.

Perhaps a little less extreme than the Bitcoin fluctuations of late, but nonetheless very real material impact which happens every day with government currencies.

Which speaks to @2disbetter’s point;

which could be said of USD (or any currency) once they become abstract numbers rather than an item of exchange/representation for an actual thing (gold for e.g.)

…but I also think the phenomena is fascinating :grinning:


Yeah, I see your point. Don’t get me wrong. I’m more or less in agreement with the bits of ideology that I’ve read surrounding crypto currency. I’m just not sure it’s on a very linear path to reaching that ideal. But, the idea is young and I guess it has to start somewhere in order to mature and flourish.

Also, to @2disbetter’s point, I was a bit put off by the idea that if, for example, bitcoin became the currency of choice tomorrow, there would be a new group of elite wealthy that did little more than burn processors 24/7 and speculate early on.

I may be wrong about that - I’m not extremely well read on the topic or anything (and am happy to be educated). But that is one ‘notion’ that I took away. And the idea that something that was fundamentally supposed to be an improvement for mankind would have to come into existence by way of mass consumption and speculation didn’t quite sit right with me.


I think that may have already been hijacked with the major market manipulators now getting in on the game, I think i read recently that after critiquing it’s capacity to be manipulated, Goldman Sachs announced that they are establishing a trading desk in Bitcoin…and Bitcoin futures

It’s remarkable how quickly sub/countercultural phenomena become subsumed by the major structures of power these days.

It does seem that’s in play as we speak. On the one hand South Korea (and @tomk said China as well today) banning the currencies and on the other GS getting into at least betting on, if not overtly manipulating prices.

Midst the numerous wars the US has been prosecuting in the last decade, there seems to have been some heavy duty trading block currency wars as well. I don’t think any currency is particularly assured at the moment, but you can guarantee that the major players will want a part in it.

Like you I’m not particularly well informed on the subject, and could be way off the mark, but it certainly smells like more of the same.

Absolutely this!


If only I hadn’t turned mine off I would be part of that elite and we would probably have never met and become friends because I’d be sat on my yacht sipping cocktails!




Your yacht would have a modular and Wifi, I’m sure. :rofl:


I am just back from a 10 day stint camping outside and laying rather a lot of hedge, and I hurt… a lot - everywhere!


But it was awesome and we had such beautiful days - February in the UK, erm… right:

-5 degrees C one night, but my sleeping bag held up and i was toasty warm :slight_smile:


Looks like you caught a meteor crashing through our atmosphere. :laughing:

Now that I have replaced the frame on my bicycle (which basically means its a new bicycle), and as soon as it gets a little warmer, I’m set on taking it out for a multi-day tour. I’m not particularly experienced with distances over 300km but nevertheless I’m considering taking the ferry from Tokyo to Tokushima and then cycle back the 650km or so but I’m a little stuck on route planning. My initial research is telling me that the vast majority of (Japanese) reference material targets touring on a motorcycle. Ideally, I would like to just drop myself out there and wander back without a definite plan but on the other hand I really want to avoid any long stretches where I have to battle with cars and/or strip mall scenery. I have plenty of time to ask around before it gets warm enough though…


I totally didn’t see that at the time but it does look like that yeah - no idea what it actually is - strange lights in the sky!

Cycle adventures sound fun and I’m really happy to hear you have a new bike :smiley:

Good luck with the planning - I’m sure I’m not alone in saying that I’d love to see some photos of your journey.


Britain needs more hedges @kel…but -5, what are you complaining about! I get that here on a Winter morn, you’re most of the way to the Arctic! :grin:


Yeah but sleeping in it… :slight_smile:


Sounds like a well deserved break Brian…but there does look like the potential for a good deal of concrete along that route!


I’m no stranger to frost atop my swag when waking in the morning :grin: The local young wags would say here “spoonfula cement mate!”


Yeah, I remember reading your texts in this(?) topic and it seems you’re much more of an outdoors type than me :slight_smile: after some very cold nights out in the army, I always tip my hat to anyone who spends the night outside willingly :slight_smile:


Hehe @sixnon, I’ve been called on this before, and for sure we get off lightly here, but I do maintain that -5 degrees C can feel very different depending on humidity and wind chill and the UK is very humid!! :sun_behind_rain_cloud: I’ve felt ‘warmer’ in -20 in drier climates.

It was actually 10 nights sleeping in a field in a bender we made, it’s actually fine. But I would not want to do it without my sleeping bag ever again, I’ve done that in previous years and it’s deeply unpleasant. You know that cold numb feeling you get in your hands sometimes? Well imagine that up your arms and across your chest - ugh - just awful! Never again!!

The sleeping bag I use is HUGE - it’s one of these:


It’s amazing, it can feel freezing cold getting in but within about 30 seconds the heat from your body starts to be reflected back and you’re toasty in no time at all. As I say, I wouldn’t want to sleep outside in those conditions again without it. Total win.

Thanks for the hat tip :blush: @josker


The current issue of Bicycle Quarterly (https://www.compasscycle.com/in-print/) has a long beautiful article about bike touring in Japan’s Southern Alps. Maybe not exactly where you are looking to ride but I would bet you could google-stalk the author and reach out for more info about bike touring in Japan in general. 100% guaranteed that the author is a complete bike nerd and will talk/email you to death about any bicycle-related subject :slight_smile: