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Thread To Break The Forum Silence



Greetings from Boris then!


Isn’t tomorrow the Chinese new year?



Um, thought it was yesterday :joy:

I guess it doesn’t matter too much hehe!


So I have a Loquelic Iteritas incoming. I’m kind of nervous – I’m not really a harsh noise type of guy. Most of the LI demos are that, but I have seen a few that made me intrigued enough to go ahead and believe in beauty with the LI. :slight_smile:

So the following weeks will be me coaxing beautiful, fragile, broken sounds out of the module – or failing miserably.


Along with the Manis, it’s the grumpiest, angriest, knarliest module I’ve used. :sunny:


Hehe, doesn’t bode well… Still keeping the faith! I’m figuring moderation is key when modulating this. It can be, of course, that I’ll end up hating it :slight_smile: But with the 301 in the rack, there’s no real point to getting a simple, bread-and-butter oscillator, IMHO – I’d rather diversify.


I don’t have it but kinda keep eyeing it up, but I have Harvestman…

Filters are your friends!

Actually I really like MI Shelves, proper modulatable EQ which is essentially a low pass, two parametric eqs (which are of course filters) and a high pass filter, with nice overdrive!


I have one and rarely use it for the over-the-top harsh stuff, believe it or not! Hope you find it useful :slight_smile:


Likewise, I have one, but use it for much more subtle stuff than it’s generally known for.


I’ve been teaching a synthesis night school course at a local college and have been hauling in some modular. Today, I brought in a KB37 with the 301 to demo some basic sampling and granular processing.

They all thought the 301 was the coolest.

One student made an observation: “It’s like… from the future, but looks like a soviet nuclear reactor control panel from the 60’s!” :smile:

I’ve always thought of it the same way… it’s like describing a Neve console


Absolutely. I went with the original gray panel to maximize the nuclear reactorness :smiley:


Indoctrinating the unsuspecting youths I see. Have mercy and let them pay off their school loans first!


School Loans…Modular debt… they’re doomed! :smiley:


I’m resisting showing my friends son the modular stuff because I know (and my friend confirms) he would go absolutely crazy for it… I feel bad for not showing him it, but I’d feel even worse for the inevitable disaster that would happen if I did!

What do I do?


You show him and simultaneously explain how serious the cost of such a hobby is. But with VCV Rack he can play with a surrogate all the while learning the incredible complexity that helps train the mind to see and explore patterns in a profound way. What modular can add to our processing and analysis potential is too important to shield him from because he might become addicted.


It’s not that he would become addicted, that’s pretty much a given, it’s that it would put him in a position of wanting but being completely unable to fulfil the desire with even a small system - there’s part of me that thinks that’s just cruel - hehe!

I thought of VCVRack - that is coming on in leaps and bounds and is probably what I will do :smile:


if it’s between drugs, booze and modular… I’d opt for the modular. Japanese Whiskey as a #2 maybe :wink:


Weather gone a bit crazy here in the UK, I am right up on the tops so really getting the brunt of it all, it’s literally blizzard conditions, but still… I managed to take some photos in-between the flurries of snow! The sculpting b the wind is beautiful:



Beautiful! We only have about 1inch in the South West at the moment, but it is drifting and forecast looks pretty blizzardy.


It’s amazing!!

Pretty tough going out here, toilet (I have an outdoor toilet!) and water supply frozen, gas bottle frozen so no gas and having to burn a lot of wood to keep warm and make the wood burner hot enough to cook on :smiley: