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Thread To Break The Forum Silence



That’s great @kel – sometimes Londoners with their inch of snow seem a bit prone to worry too much, but that’s some serious snowfall, especially with an outdoor toilet :smiley: I hope you’ve invested in a styrofoam seat!

I can only imagine how chilly it can get in an old house – hope you manage to keep toasty!


Hehe - old showman’s caravan, 70’s, kitsch as hell - complete with ornate door handles, bendy lines everywhere and etched mirrors; currently being battered by the winds and rattling around a bit :wink:


where exactly are you? thinking of setting up a caravan at blackshaw head soon…:slight_smile:


Good luck, it’s seriously hard to find the space to do this these days!

I’ve been living this way a long time now. Couldn’t go back to living in a house - okay, days like today are tough, but on the whole it’s awesome!


i know what you mean…I lived that way for quite some time in the past. After having the experience of a house, I really need to go back…Luckily enough we found space on a friends land…:slight_smile:


Like this?


Hehe that’s rather gaudy!!!

Actually, this:


Cozy! I guess it is not in its “portable” state…


I doubt it will ever move again - it would probably fall apart :joy:


Once I’m set, I’ll post some photos here :slight_smile:


301 spotted in @rdevine1’s clip for an upcoming modular doc:

My friend Wes is part of the team behind this and I’m super stoked to see it come to life!


Link didn’t work for me!


Yeah looks like the link was removed - I’m sure it’ll pop back up again shortly!


Here is a link to the documentary website for anyone who is interested:


Kel, are you familiar with the tiny home movement in the states? I’m a huge fan of it personally, and I think your setup is great!



Not exactly no, but I do know the kind of thing, I think it is really good, especially if combined with very economical ways to heat/cook/light etc… while I like the tech, I do have a nostalgia for simpler times.

I started living this way because I became very disillusioned with the beliefs and world view I had been brought up with, it was a way to live a very ascetic lifestyle and largely remove myself from a world that makes me feel uncomfortable, if not very anxious, most of the time. I have no regrets, I feel way more alive than when I had a ‘proper job’ and all that, I hope I can live my life and die living this way.


I shouldn’t have been! It’s absolutely fantastic!

Even though I can’t really grok what which control does at any given time, I still find it highly playable – if you hone in on a “range” that you like, you can actually twist knobs quite freely and it won’t go into harsh noise territory. I know I’m preaching to the choir, but just wanted to follow up :slight_smile:

I kind of want more… or another one… or something. Uhh. :no_good_man:


Sounds quite like Hertz Donut!


Have you tried the BIA? Wondering how they compare.


Anyone hop in on the Plaits pre-order action?