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Thread To Break The Forum Silence



Nope… v1.0 :frowning:

Looking for v1.0 documentation now so at least I can start something, but not having much luck!

Have placed an order for another usb cable to add to the collection, I should open a USB cable museum!


I sorted my usbs at the weekend, I bet I can beat whatever you got.

Oh - two tips, before you upgrade. Do the Teletype Studies - some of them are difficult to follow with later firmwares as things changed.

Secondly, examine the built in Scripts because they get deleted when you install a new firmware! (You can re-download from the website, I think).


I dread to think, I probably have about 50 or 60, something like that - crazy :crazy_face:

It’s the old panel too so I can’t screw it into M3 rails, the holes don’t line up. I have emailed Brian and Control, I am sure between them they will sort it out. Thought I was buying new stock, but it seems I’ve been sent an old module.

Between these ‘features’ and the ridiculous Parcel Farce, it’s draining an awful lot of my energy.

Thanks for the tips! Will do :slight_smile:


It’ll all be worth it.


Hope so, actually I think so. I generally find that all the things that are really worth doing are hard work… :smile:

Guess I am just feeling weary after PF took their pound of flesh again, I don’t want to go into it, I talked about it with a friend, but lets just say it wasn’t quite as bad as the ER-101/2 being erroneously sent back to Japan!


Okay, I realised I had replied in the i2c communication thread and I should have probably replied here instead so just moved all the posts over.

I was so tired last night and made so many little errors, I am blaming not sleeping for several days while I was being battered by ridiculous winds in sub zero temperatures :joy:

I realise this is definitely waaaaaay TMI but I finally managed to unfreeze and unblock the toilet today - yay! Back to normal pretty much, but still have 2ft high snow drifts around.

Anyway, here’s an update on where I am with the Teletype:

I have OLD stock, this is no problem with the hardware, there’s only one version, but the panel is being replaced - Monome Brian is sending me one - yay!

This means I can butcher the panel and make it fit now and just replace it when the new one turns up.

I got a bonus of an expander cable and printed docs! But no A-A USB cable - but again Brian is sending one over, I have one on the way too so I will be good to go soon!

Here’s the cable - cute huh:

Feeling much more ‘on it’ today… looking forward to playing with V1.0 of TT firmware later on! Still plenty to go at hey :slight_smile:


Got my SC linked to my TT!


Congrats on getting that sorted, it’s on my list of things to do, won’t take long, but I think I’d like to familiarise myself with the TeleType as is, and with the firmware update when I can do that, before embarking on this particular adventure :smiley:

I’ve got my Teletype up and running, man it’s a head wrangler at first, but I am really surprised at how quickly I’m getting a feel for it and am already imagining all sorts of silly things to do with the extra connections to the ER-301 :wink:

And the 10 million dollar question - the keyboard - yes - it’s weird! But actually no where near as bad as I thought it was going to be… so perhaps with a nicer blocky 40% keyboard I am going to be fine. The included one isn’t even that bad.

edit: first newbie mistake - spent ages editing the wrong script wondering why the hell it wasn’t working :joy: As soon as I realised my mistake, everything I learned was quickly applied too the correct script and i’m away!


I had problems with one of the Fn buttons being unresponsive. Much prefer the 60% mechanical I’m using now.

You can use Fn keys to fire scripts as one shots (eg F4 ‘bangs’ script 4) - which is so much fun when you have quite a complex patch running elsewhere in the modular, and then you ‘play’ whole streams of triggers and events, with probabilities and scripts calling other scripts. It’s amazing.

When you get the recent firmware running, check out the CHAOS operator, which you can use to window through loops of pseudo-random values. A bit like using Pam’s New Workout’s Loop with a Random waveform. Except, you can reset the sequence to a particular point in the chaos function to ensure you get the same stream of values every time you boot up the Teletype. You can use this is some very musical ways.

One area I haven’t looked at yet is utilising the Input patch point. I know I could feed in pitch CV and quantise it out to a CV out… but there must be many uses for it.

I only had an hour with the 301 linked to the TT before I had non-fun stuff to do. Hopefully get a chance for a bit longer tomorrow evening. Life gets in the way of eurorack too often.

Haha. Yeah I’ve done that a few times.


Excellent - which keyboard did you get?

I’m typing stuff without looking things up already, still pretty simple things, but this is much easier that I thought it was going to be - can’t wait to get up and running with the latest firmware.

Also really looking forward to hearing what you (and others) get up to with this, I guess it’s still too early for full on TT/ER-301 demonstrations and extraordinary feats of modulation :slight_smile:

As a slightly ridiculous aside, my very mild OCD is wanting the yellow of the TT to match the golden glow of the ER-301! Obviously this is completely irrelevant, but it would look incredible with a perfect match!

Edit; I really like that you can edit scripts and the changes don’t take effect until you commit them - kinda like the hold mode on ER-101!



Oh dear, I’d completely forgotten about this, and I even liked your post on that thread :smiley:

Thanks again - I won’t forget this time!


Haha - no worries. Sorry my post was abrupt - I was tweaking a patch at the time!


New Mannequins looper/sampler:


Looks very nice!

I know it’s very early days, but do folk think this covers ground that isn’t possible with the ER-301?


yeah, I’m wondering about that too… conflicted about getting it even though I want to have a complete Mannequins collection. Also, intrigued by how multiple units will be used and the Teletype functions.


Yeah, lots of potential, I really like the ideas! behind it.

However, I am resisting - strongly!

I keep repeating… “it’s half the cost of a Just Friends” and other thoughts to discourage myself from hitting the buy button :joy:


I went for it. Even if it covers similar/ possibly similar territories, the process will be completely different. I often find inspiration from the process, and I imagine W/ will lead me down “other” paths than those the ER-301 travels.


I’m not certain, but my first reading is “no”. It seems like a very nice workflow though, and I’d love to see a custom unit that works similarly. I’m also still pretty fuzzy on what “slashes” (I2C communication between multiple W/ modules) might do. But I figure ER-301 can certainly have multiple loopers interacting with each other.


I’ve been thinking and the one thing that does seem different is the record time. 8 hours is a long time, and while we can use the 6 tack recorder to record long stretches of audio, I don’t think we can do this with the sample players … is that right?