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Thread To Break The Forum Silence



I dunno, but I have to imagine that trying to navigate 8 hours of slices with no visual map could be… imprecise. But, serendipity?


Indeed! Radio Music works well in this regard, although I don’t think you can have recordings that long.

Seems to me this would make a great Radio Music alternative, seems pretty similar in some respects - except it can record too!


That description though…


That idea of serendipity and the ability to have multiple W/'s in a system being logically and chaotically triggered algorithmically by Teletype as the W/'s share information and randomly sample from one another hopefully grabbing small grains from stacked recordings will work to create generative sonic fragments.


Sort of like you can do with an ER-301? :wink:


my ENTIRE modular setup. It’ll NEVER be completed! :smiley:


I like the manual!


It’s exciting for me when the question of external module vs. internal to the ER-301 comes up, as it forces me to think about how I want to position the 301 in my system, and to what extent I will go to alleviate CPU-heavy processes from the 301. This same thing came up in this thread re: the recent Plaits release (get the external OSC, or build it within something like the 301 or SSP?). Always interested to see where others place themselves on this spectrum!


I tried Plaits but ultimately it went back. For the same reasons that I sold my Braids and most of my other Mutables. I was only interested in about 15% of the Modes and finding them seemed to involve cycling through the entire set multiple times.

To be clear, this is my fault. Whenever I would get close to the sound I was after, on any MI module, I would spend time trying the same Pitch/CV input with different modes rather than tweaking the mode I was in.

A similar thing happened in the DAW, using softsynths, except there it was much worse, with 1000s of presets to switch between.

Utlimately, I got around this on PC by making a point of deleting all presets on a new softsynth until I had made a few banks of my own - at which point I would look at what other people had done.

I think I would have preferred Plaits if it was stuck in one mode - and Olivier unlocked the other modes, one at a time, over the next 10 years :wink:

I already blew the refund on a Whimsical W/ - which I am confident will be buried with me, in a skiff of Mannequins.


You’re the second person here (not mentioning any names heheh) to do exactly that, for pretty much the same reasons! I am feeling proud of myself because I didn’t buy it for the same reasons hehe :smiley:

W/ is tempting, but I am going to resist for this first round! I have very few things that I would actually like and no real GAS, so keeping it that way for as long as possible.

All being well I have a bunch of TXo and TXi coming soon, I’ve expressed interest and chatted to @bpcmusic about it, so I should save my cash for parts to get those made up.

I also have whole box full of PCB/Panels that am slowly working my way through that also need parts, this year is is the year of DIY!

Today I finished off the Mutant HiHats - challenging build, sourcing all the parts not the least of it, but as usual fired it up and it worked first time!

:smiley: It sounds great :smiley:

Thats successful builds of the Bassdrum, the Snare and now the HiHats - just the Clap to go from that series!


The Kick alone was worth £200 mind you. I much preferred it to the Mutant BD9.

Also, the Snare and Hats were pretty great. That’s most of your perc needs, once you factor in Mode automation.

Well worth the spondoolies. But, I know I wouldn’t still have it in the rack in 3months time. Still interested in whatever else is up the Mutable sleeve.


I learned a new word today :grinning::+1:


Seeing a bit more of @odevices here on the forum again…maybe taxes are done…maybe firmware update is on the horizon!


Haha. Yup they are done. Still licking my wounds.


Not much fun is it… hope it wasn’t too disheartening!


I received a $1 refund this year :+1:


Who bought a w/? And what can it do the er301 can‘t?
Or is it just the workflow which is so special?
I have a bit of gas, but don‘t want to, can you talk me out of it?


Don’t have one but there’s a few over at lines who have said they have both and see them as performing different functions or one (edit: oops) NOT making the other superfluous.


I just caved… got a bit of extra unexpected work this week, so finances were up and I want to join in the fun!

Also 17 people over at Lines actively encouraged me to do it… it just got too hard to resist :smiley:

I hope you don’t mind, but I am going to copy and paste bits of what I wrote over there, in response to the suggestion of recreating W/ on ER-301:

I know what you mean about the ER-301, it’s almost certainly possible to recreate W/ in there, if not right now, then in the future as things develop and open up.

Having said that, the more I use the ER-301 the more I come to realise that everything that draws me to all this gear is the user interface. The ER-301 strongly encourages connection to other modules to make it playable (I am sure you know this). While the ER-301 can do ‘everything’, it doesn’t have that immediately playable user interface.

Following everyones posts here [on Lines] it seems that W/ is a user interface challenge with potentially very high rewards and that is very attractive.

Can’t remember who said it, but recording the output of W/ into the ER-301 makes loads of sense. A move from a recording module with a playable user interface to another sophisticated and very precise audio processing module is inspiring, the potential is definitely there.

Add my newfound love for the Teletype and the upcoming TT/W integration and it seems too good to miss out on.

Mannequins have spent a lot of time matching up the user interface with the functionality and done so to such an extreme degree as to create a sense of playing with a tape recorder. :crazy_face:

Even adding the controls to the ER-301 you’re never going to be able to replicate the full experience of the W/ - even though you might get pretty close in many respects.

At least that’s my thinking at the moment anyway, who knows!?


Joined the other waiting list :slight_smile:

I ordered mine in the first hours…still waiting for something like notification or delivery or…