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Thread To Break The Forum Silence



Hope it turns up soon!


W/ is lovely - that is all :slight_smile:


Another Mutable Incoming!



Said this over on Lines but it makes me chuckle so possibly worth repeating… it looks like the Turing Machine and the SSG got together and had a love child :heart_eyes:


I think this is the calm before the storm - new firmware coming sooooon? :wink:


The hours are stretching into days, minutes becoming hours…I think a side effect of the 301 is that it is able to dilate time.


Oh, I thought that was the primary effect!


Time, is an illusion… lunchtime doubly so!

I actually have a bit of proper free time coming up… for once it looks like I might be able to enjoy the new update party :crazy_face:


I have about one month left in my program, then all the free time in the world :+1:


Just wanted to say Hi, just became a proud owner of a ER-301 :star_struck:


Soo, just to pass the time…

Would you say that the Mannequins Mangrove is versatile? Seems pretty close to being universally loved… Very intrigued by this one.


I am following the mammoth thread about w/ on lines, and honestly, I just can’t imagine dealing with it in my setup right now. The countless posts of people getting totally lost in what they are doing, and their inability to say if their problems stem from their own errors, or due to module flaws is bewildering. It just looks like a cruel place to be stuck in.

So, I will wait it out a bit, see if already announced firmware update will clear at least some of the problems out, then maybe I will go for it.
I am attracted to the 2HP/15hrs ratio, and there certainly seems to be a lot of potential functionality there, but from what I read in that thread, right now, there is just a lot of dis-functionality… whatever the roots/causes.

I love mannequins, and I am sure it will all be figured out eventually, just not for me at the moment.


I haven’t had that much time with W/, but I like it a lot; I got through the tutorial first time without a hitch and immediately started using it and it behaves as expected - I used the cue card for reminders of the functions. I haven’t dug into the deeper functionality so there’s room for errors there I guess, and while I have no doubt that there are issues, I think a lot of it is down to user error.

It’s like nothing else, and the UI is very out there, but I find thinking of it like a physical tape machine helps understand what’s going on a lot.

@josker I have no experience with Mangrove, looks interesting for sure, but I have more oscillators than I can actually use at any one time and have no desire for any more especially with being able to create even more in the ER-301 - it’s a bit silly :joy:


I’ve had my W/ for two weeks now but will not install or explore it until the next firmware is released as after the first 200 comments I had the same thoughts about waiting until it stabilizes. The recent info on finally being able to erase/reset the unit is a step in the right direction. I’m also waiting for the i2c integration to move into Teletype master so it can be merged by @scanner_darkly into his most current build.


The Mangrove is definitely a versatile oscillator; almost every time I use it I discover something new. It’s very musical- one time I was playing it and a friend legitimately thought someone else in the room was playing a trumpet haha. Highly recommended!


What I find bewildering about this is that it could be corrected with a little forum participation from WR. I had to mute the thread to stop myself from interjecting (which felt inappropriate as I am not a W/ user)


My experience with w/ has been similar to what @kel described. I’ve had w/ for about two weeks and while I can understand why people are struggling with the interface, I’ve had no issues whatsoever. The tutorial isn’t as clear as it could be and the manual certainly isn’t, either, but once you understood what it does, it’s actually very easy to use. I’ve explored a lot of LIVE and NAV modes, and I get 100% repeatable and useful behavior in these. There may of course be faulty units that do behave completely different (or very specific errors that I haven’t encountered), but from my experience with it and reading threads on different forums, I think that most of the confusion stems from user error. Again, that’s very understandable with the combination of the interface and the resources provided, but I don’t think that it’s necessary to hold back on w/ because of these issues if you otherwise would want to use it.


@odevices is truly a wizard. Not only can he ride his bike on water, across the ocean, but he can do it while wearing a suit. :exploding_head:

But for some reason, I’m not surprised…


He he, I was just thinking…“hang on…Tokyo to Seoul…on a bicycle!?!”


I was both delighted and dismayed to hear that @odevices is going to be away for a month, delighted because I care and think a well deserved break is probably overdue and critical for health and wellbeing - dismayed because well… @odevices is going away!

While respecting the need for a proper break, I hope to see some photographic and hear some audio evidence of this amazing journey at some point :slight_smile:

Brian, I know your ethical stance will make this difficult, but please do ignore us completely for at least part of this journey!

Myself and I am sure others will join together in dealing with any support queries here as much as we can :slight_smile: