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Thread To Break The Forum Silence



The trick is to ride your bicycle on to one of these:


Fukuoka to Busan is only 5.5 hours by ferry :heart_eyes:

I plan on renting a suit. :blush:


Haha. Thank you @kel. It’s not ethics that keeps me coming back here, it’s curiosity mixed with a dash of death wish! “I wonder how they broke it this time?” :scream_cat:

I’ll be sure to post some evidence. Probably not going to do a full vlog though. I’m still debating whether not bringing this early model gopro is worth it or not.


Lean and clean is the best way to ride. :grin: That is to say as little luggage as possible.


Mutable Instruments Marbles is instant win, it only turned up today but it’s already making me feel like I am cheating winning, here it is coaxing ambience from 2 MI Elements:


Is the best/only way of getting one in the US to order from the website?


I would recommend ordering directly - yes!


Ah! Was about to say “difficult to support as they sold out within hours of release!”


Where did you hear that @kel? I can’t immediately find any information on their website about immanent availability.


The thread on Muffwiggler :wink:


Ahh! Thanks.


I sent a message earlier and got confirmation as well


Now to start the cycle of refreshing the product page until the Sold Out button disappears, and the Buy button lights up :slight_smile:


Wow…you got a three hour jump on me…but I’m there now.


9PM EST according to the latest update post on MW!

Wishing everyone who is going for these very good luck :slight_smile:


just got mine on signal sounds whoohoo!


ANNOUNCEMENT: Due to the overwhelming demand for Natural Gate (thanks!), we will release units from the 2nd batch in 3x waves. Please sign up for our newsletter to get email notification when they are available for purchase. The first wave will be listed for sale 4.13.18 at ~9PM EST.


Oh - they’re up NOW!! :smiley:

@justmat @tomk @Unity2k @sixnon @bugeats


Just got my order in…!!!


Crazy stuff!! :crazy_face:

I am so happy for Phil / Rabid Elephant - he totally deserves this :smiley:


Still registers as sold out on their NG page for me. Did I miss it again?