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Thread To Break The Forum Silence



Holy cow…they must have sold out in under 2 minutes!


Holy crap… looks that way :frowning:

MW going mental… some folk not happy!


That’s frustrating. I was on at 2 minutes past.


Another two waves to come, but I agree, this is pretty ridiculous, this should have been done on pre-order - I know Phil quite well and I know for certain he will feel really bad about this, he really is trying his best in a very difficult situation.

Eurorack is going through a really freaky phase, MI Plaits/Marbles sold out like this too!


We’re way off topic :joy:

I am going to move these posts to the Break the Silence thread :wink:


I thought my GAS for the NG had subsided…nope :slight_smile:


Apparently they are available again tomorrow :smiley:

Sorry to feed your GAS @tomk - but it is totally worth it - it’s stunning!!


Crippling student debt…borderline unemployment…natural gate available tomorrow…:smirk:


I know, it’s a crappy situation to be in, I have experienced it myself to varying degrees over the years :frowning:

Still, you only live once and it’s better to regret something you have done than something you haven’t :wink:

I feel like a bad person :joy:


Not a bad person at all! :slight_smile: I managed to live 28 years without any debt, then decided university was my next chapter, so here we are now. My dad always said in regards to buyer’s remorse: if you cry, only cry once! Good advice, dad! :+1:


Hehe… I’ve cried more than once in sheer joy at the sounds coming through Natural Gate :joy:


SOLD :money_mouth_face:


Awesome - you won’t regret it - at least not sonically - can’t speak for the financial side of things :smiley:


The memory effect on the NG is what really sets it apart for me, definitely trying to grab one in this next batch! You convinced me @kel.

The repeated hits is where I ran into a bit of trouble with my attempts on the 301 (similar to the ideas upthread). A quick succession of triggers (before the previous envelope had completed) was causing some clicks. Perhaps I need a slew limiter in there?

I’m pretty new to the 301, so I may be missing something obvious.


Assuming you have the envelope shapes working and sounding good, you could try a polyphonic mix with a round robin trigger assignment and mix the outputs.

Then I wonder if some sort of compression on the previous hit might help? By that I mean the audio from hit 1 is compressed a little, but not completely, by hit 2, hit 2 compressed by hit 3, an so on…

…but even then I am unsure you would recreate it exactly, and I am unsure how this could even be implemented, it would require some clever routing for sure.

I’m guessing… the truth is I just don’t know :smiley:


I figure this is done using some kind of integrator / slew to represent “momentum”. The more you hit it, the higher the voltage goes, and the longer it takes to rest.

While waiting for the Natural Gate, I played around with this basic idea in a patch with my Optomix. It does achieve “memory”, but no way it sounds as good as what’s been cooked up by Rabid Elephant. I’m going to buy doubles of the NG (hopefully) tomorrow. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Phil just confirmed that they went in under 1 minute. Amazing.


Sorry, think I messed up moving the posts over - they’re in two sections out of order, I will try and fix it!

edit: hm, no apparently easy way to do it, I’ll just leave it, it doesn’t matter too much I guess :frowning:


Oh well—October it is then


There’s another two waves of releases this weekend @tomk

I can totally understand your frustration, and I wouldn’t blame you if you didn’t bother, but hopefully the next lot won’t disappear quite so quickly!