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Thread To Break The Forum Silence



Oh well. I guess I still want one then!


I have one, and I should be receiving a 301 later this month. My thinking was partially that I wanted some other performance options for percussive material, thus hopefully freeing up the 301 for anything and everything else. The sequencer is pretty intuitive and very hands-on, which appeals to me. I’m planning (hoping) that they will compliment each other!


Hopefully this isn’t toooooo off topic (can it be off topic in this thread?) for this thread…

Question! Can anybody name the synth at the start of this track?


It doesn’t sound like part of the original track to me, more like the tail end of another track from a mix through, but I might be wrong :slight_smile:

Anyway, sounds very Moogy to me, but I don’t know that is the case.

Digitakt is interesting for sure, I’ve been umming and ahhing about it for a while. On balance I think I am going to stick with the Octatrack, I keep hearing ways in which it is different and I’m inclined to think I might find it frustrating despite there being other features I would really like.

tldr; I’m happy with the Octatrack :slight_smile:


There are some thing I miss about the Octa – one being quantized sampling. There are also (currently) some things about the DT that catch an Octa veteran by surprise – no slide trigs, for instance.

I’ve used all of the Elektron soundmakers with the exception of the SID Station at one point or another. Now it’s just the Digitakt, a Micromonsta for polyphony, and the modular. I do scratch my head right now, preparing for a very short ambient gig, wondering whether patch memory would be THAT bad, after all… I’m not that experienced with the modular.

I’m hoping the ER-301 will take over Octatrack’s duties as a live loop player/manipulator, which would take some pressure off having to achieve maximum sonic variety using the rest of the modular. Then I could just have a few malleable modular voices, Digitakt for drums, Micromonsta for poly, and ER-301 at the helm :slight_smile:

It was kind of love/hate with the Octa. Some small bugs that would’ve been so easy to fix. And I found piecing Ableton tracks back to the Octa for live performance a royal pain.


Yeah, I keep picking up on these differences and it’s not winning me over :slight_smile:

Quantised sampling is definitely covered in the ER-301 - you could probably even devote a midi track on the Digitakt to recreate the one shot trig punch in behaviour. You could also map the same channel CC controllers to various parameters in the ER-301 and probably recreate a very familiar experience. I haven’t tried this, but it seems like it should work - perhaps a nice experiment I will get round to at some point if no one else does it first.


Yeah, my module is hopefully not that far off, so maybe I’ll beat you to it :slight_smile:


Just picked up a 301. My wait is one-ish week down. Really looking forward to the module.

I see that we are talking about the digitakt and octatrack. I have an octatrack (and love it), but I use it mainly as a looper and mixer. The digitakt is a shadow of the octatrack. In many ways I see it as Elektron trying to create candy to get people hooked on, and then they realize they really want the big brother.

I know the 301 is largely talked about in the sampler circle. I get it. That is a big part of its existence right now. However, I think it is just how many things the 301 can do in conjunction with that (or not) that are the real compelling things. In many ways this makes the octatrack/digitrack/301 discussion more like a discussion about apples and broccoli. Two very different things.

One thing I wanted to use the Octatrack and now 301 to do is sort of save patches for me. When I find a sound I really like, and it’s taken me a while, i can now sample it, and use it anytime later. That’s pretty big for me.

Anyway my 2 cents.



I know where you’re coming from. Looking at the spec sheet, the Digitakt is less Rytm and less Octa.

But I find I really enjoy the interface and the finite amount of things I have to perform with it.

The way I see it, the 301 is a perfect companion for the Digitakt, as I said earlier :slight_smile: The Digitakt’s huge plus is immediacy, and the 301 has depth in spades. I don’t miss some of the UI aspects of the Octa at all. But yes, it is one of a kind in many ways.

I also agree that maybe the coolests aspects of the 301 are things besides the sample stuff. I’ve been really blown away by stuff that kel, Neil and others are doing with the unit.

Sorry, what does “My wait is one-ish week down” mean?


Sorry was just trying to say that I’ve ordered mine a week ago. 10 week lead time, should mean I’m on 9 weeks now. :pensive:



Ah :grin: Makes perfect sense.


Oh so I have just seen a workshop from Cenk on the digitakt. Very enticing!


It’s… The Shipping Week.

(Edit: I actually believe I had a short dream about using it some nights ago. I’m pathetic :D)


Today I (almost) kissed the postman.

Tataahhhh! After months it’s here to stay:
The incredible ER101/102 combo.

Now I can warm up my oscillators…


This forum feels like part of my life blood and when it goes quiet I have to check my pulse to ensure life is still happening. I don’t care if the subject has the slightest bit of potential utility to what I think I’m interested in because after whatever topic is discussed I’m then just as intrigued by it as anything else that’s dragged me into O|D obsession.


I know what you mean @TimefireVR - but I like to think the quiet times are like feeding time at the zoo… everyone is just busy chowing down!

Maybe that analogy doesn’t quite work but… whatever :smile:


If you see me posting on the forum or you get an email from me, then it probably means I’m slacking. Haha.


Getting updates every day it’s mostly not about the 101/102 :smile:


In that case, I am quite ambivalent, on the one hand I’m like ‘tsk get back to work’ hehe, on the other your forum posts and emails are really useful and it’s always good to hear from you regardless of what it’s about!

Slacking is a very important part of life - it’s one of the things I’m really good at :joy_cat:


I’ve been off in the woods camping for a couple of days. Somehow I still find myself checking the forum once in a while, and thinking about what I’m going to do with the ER-301 when I return. :slight_smile: