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Thread To Break The Forum Silence



Ahh I didn’t realize there were more being released so soon—I recalled reading something about a six month lead time for the next batch.


Thats also true!!

This from Phil:

PostPosted: Fri Apr 13, 2018 8:20 pm
Welp…it took me 4 days to build these and ‘poof’ all gone in about 1 minute. Y’all are crazy!
For those that missed this wave, there’s more coming! Stay tuned! I may sneak a few in randomly/unannounced as well just to mix it up.
I really apologise that there isn’t a list but outside of preorder (which requires exchange of funds and I don’t want that), my platform cannot support/organise such an honors/reserve list… I’d have to make invoices individually and it’s just not effective use of my time here - I’m a bit stretched as it is. But I’m sure there’s some kinda solution I have yet to uncover.
Regardless, this doesn’t still fulfill demand… so the ideal solution will likely happen during the next batch, batch 3, where I can make a considerable amount of units to the point they don’t sell out this quickly. That and I’m hoping there’s starting to be enough out and about where the mad rush isn’t such a thing anymore!


Matters like this shouldn’t be ones to get frustrated over anyway. What’s important is that someone with a good idea has made a useful tool for people to make art with, and that their work is being recognized accordingly :+1:


Yeah - this is fully deserved - Phil is a lovely sensitive chap who genuinely cares and will never compromise on what he’s doing :smiley:

He’s been working on this stuff for years and been very slow and cautious - there’s no way he is set up to deal with this kind of demand, I hope this all ends up in giving him a well deserved break and the resources to step his production up - assuming that’s what he want’s of course :wink:


I ordered like… 2 seconds after they went live :slight_smile: much excite!


Assuming you are online the minute they go on sale :wink:


At work, and just returned to the thread! 1 minute! Crazy.

Well dont Phil for creating such a sought after module.


Are people on MW ever happy? Hahaha!

And Yeah… The NG Module is great!!


Now I understand @kel and his enthusiasm for the Natural Gate; it is extraordinary. Compared it to my LxD and MMG and there is NO comparison. This is in a class by itself similar to the O|D units. To those who didn’t grab a second one yet or held off buying two units at the same time allowing others to purchase their first Natural Gate - big thanks.


Oh man. I waited for months. I was glued to the Rabid Elephant site on the day of release. I got the email and kept refreshing, but the button never changed from “SOLD OUT”.

Consider yourself lucky that you got one at all. I spent a lot of time evangelizing the NG around the net and now I’m left out in the cold.


Same :roll_eyes:


I really appreciates this kind of distinction. When I first got into modular, it felt like the wild west. Exciting but also just such a chasm of difference between build qaulity, thoughtful design, and concern for the eco-system as a whole.

Rabid is a company (individuals) that just ooze this quality born out of a passion for what they are doing and for music. They have attempted to help with the power problems by using thick gauge power cables that have better isolation on the connectors for example. I don’t see anyone else doing stuff like that. And the thing is, it is important, and it really does help to lower resistance and keep noise down.

I’ve been keeping an eye on RE because even though I don’t need a NG (I would take one if I could, but I don’t want to get one over someone WHO really wants one), I’m really looking forward to seeing what else they have in store.


If it makes anyone feel better, I had one in the basket at Signal Sounds for about 10 minutes before releasing it back in to the wild.


My NG arrived yesterday! This thing is so rare/exclusive that I feel like I am part of some sort of… “Gated” community now? :sweat_smile:

Terrible jokes aside lol, the small amount of time I was able to spend with NG has already been impressive. I can’t wait to get back to it!


So I’m bragging on a Facebook post that I’ll eventually be able to swap my 301’s cpu for a more powerful one, and that dude from Percussa ( Super signal processor module) replies: “the sitara from TI is a dead end street i’m afraid”

Miss information? Does he knows what he says talking about?


What’s the Sitara from TI?

And he probably knows lots of things, but whenever a manufacturer speaks ill or tries to put down a competitor, it always looks like some kind of jealousy, it’s one of the most embarrassing things any business can ever do and highly unprofessional.


Looks like the Sitara is a processor made by TI.




Ahhhh, I seee!!!

Got to be super careful with English language sometimes, this wasn’t a slur, it looks like this was a rather terse way of saying that the Percussa isn’t upgradable, not that the ER-301 upgrade path is flawed somehow!


Bert is a very talented and highly skilled engineer. I think he has a right to defend or differentiate his product.

The 301 is upgradable regardless of whether or not the specific chip/chipset being used now are EOL. It just means that from Brian’s perspective it will require reworking some software along with the new hardware.

The SSP is also upgradeable by design.

I think anything more on this shouldn’t be discussed here as it is just bad form. (I mean regarding the SSP here.)