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Thread To Break The Forum Silence



Just stepped up my DIY game and build a Doboz TSNM - not an easy build - still seems to be working fine first time (as usual!)

It’s rather good fun, unfortunately got to send it off to the customer soon!


Just done my first repair on an ER-301 :smiley:

Someone broke their switch and didn’t fancy replacing it themselves; I don’t blame them - it’s quite a nerve wracking experience in some ways!

Anyway, it all went really well and it’s back to being like new:


@odevices any chance we could get a shot of your modular? No worries if not!! I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that I’m really curious to see how you have yours setup!


Oh that is so weird - I was thinking about this very thing last night! We have had glimpses, words have been said, little insights here and there, but you’re right, it would be awesome to see the full thing!


Also very curious about your build setup:

I’ve thought about a component nest before, but that’s the first time I have actually seen one in use - it’s beautiful! I can imagine that makes assembly a much easier process - did you make that yourself?


The “studio” is in disarray at the moment because I have a bunch of boxes of ER-301 parts crowding the same room that I don’t know where to put :smirk:

Since the “studio” is in a corner of a different room from my workspace, I have this in the workspace:

Also in the workspace for modulars, are the R&D cases:

and the testing case:

Oh. I didn’t know it was called a component nest. I’ve just been calling it an assembly jig for lack of a better term. And yes I make them myself on my super cute CNC mill powered by LinuxCNC and CamBam.

(Sorry for dark photo. The mill is installed on my enclosed porch and it is night at the moment.)


Awesome, thank you for sharing - I may possibly have made ‘component nest’ up - it seemed right :smiley:


Fun Trivia: The card board contraption jerry-rigged to the mill is actually a DIY pen holder. In addition to making jigs and cutting out display lenses from acrylic, I used to use the CNC mill to “plot” the O|D logo onto boxes with a pen inserted into that holder.


I spy twin Planars :metal:


is the er101 capable of triggering the nord drum dynamicly? i always thought about trying the nord drum with my modular and if the voltages fit i think i will try.


Sure, why not, I use 1/8 to 1/4 jack leads - somehow I think the ND sounds better when triggered this way rather than MIIDI, but I think I just need to adjust the midi settings :wink:

The one thing you do lose when you trigger this way is midi control of all the parameters which is utterly bonkers if you get it set up with something like the Octatrack and map all the page parameters for each channel to different things. Takes a while to set up, but once you’re there is can do a lot.


and it reacts dynamicly to triggers right? is it possible to adjust what the trigger strength actually does, eg more fm on louder hits etc?


Yes to the dynamics, all the Nord Pad puts out is variable voltages over cat5 network cable so you’re good there. There are input sensitivity and threshold settings per channel if you’re not using the Pad.

As for modulating other parameters, I cannot remember, but petty sure it doesn’t! There are modulation options for some parameters though, that might be enough?


thanks. the new norddrum3 doesnt have trigger ins i just saw. so that just stopped me speculating anyway.


Oh really? That’s a bit of a departure, I thought the pad being integrated was bad enough, but that’s a bit odd. I guess they are aiming for a different market. I believe the ND2 are a bit of a rarity and quite sought after now. I definitely like it, it’s been around in my setup for a long time now, well, since they were first released.


Why is sourcing electronic parts such a total pain in the ass? :smiley:

Honestly, it’s a shockingly frustrating experience, anyone awaiting O|D products and perhaps feeling impatient would do well to pick a project and just try sourcing parts… and if you really want to do something to make you pull your hair out, try getting them all from one supplier! :joy:

I promise that you will find a new level of appreciation of what is actually involved in making these things for us to enjoy

p.s. I am starting to think that the reason some parts are so hard to come by is because other builders experience these things once too often that when they do become available again they buy in ridiculously large quantities so they don’t have to go through it all again for a while hehe! I am seriously considering doing just this… is that bad?


New video showing Odessa and Zadar :heart_eyes:


Wow - Zadar is unexpectedly awesome!


Yeah, definitely going to try, think it’s going to be a keeper - like all the Xaoc modules, they are a company to watch for sure!!


Hey everyone :wave: greetings from western WI—hope everyone is doing well! I’ve (finally) officially graduated Summa Cum Laude from my composition program and am taking this week to relax accordingly:

Also destructively :slight_smile:



Eager to get back to making sound, but enjoying the stars out here as much as possible before heading back to Chicago :+1: