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Thread To Break The Forum Silence



I am easy about it all, but for me it would be nice to just acknowledge that side of things and continue to talk about the art side of it though, the sounds coming from the second video I posted are extraordinary - I’ve never heard anything quite like them - I would love to be able to synthesise something like that - not easy! Anyone any thoughts on how you might go about that?


Right. exactly.
I just wanted to acknowledge the importance, complexity, and urgency of the subject matter, as it came up. And, as a human being, to stay honest to myself, and not remain silent, when I feel obligation to respond.
I did.

Then contextualized it with even more direct example of doing the same but through art, hopefully evoking that deep introspection that @kel is pointing out. And leave it there.

Propeller Group is amazing through and through. Highly recommend if you ever get to see anything from them in person! Really amazing work: formally, emotionally, and conceptually.

EDIT: also just to be clear, I want to underscore that my comments were not directed at @tomk and are not meant to be critical of his post.


As did I, and for the same reasons…and with my post referring back to the Propeller Group in closing for the same reasons.

I certainly did not take it as such @laborcamp





ER-301 FS on MW:


Nice price too for anyone in the EU!


In other random discoveries, nothing to do with anything really, but Bontempi and Sherman Filter Bank anyone? :joy:


I liked the ending. :slight_smile:


Hehe yep - the whole thing is just silly - I like it! Made me smile anyway :slight_smile:


thats me:-)
if someone is from germany, come over and pick it up!


Speaking of people in Germany, does anyone have a Schippmann Omeag-Phi? I would really really like to see one in person and see if it really is worth the price. I’m in the Ruhrpott area.


i have a mk1. i´m in cologne… feel free to drop by! :slight_smile:


Looks like you guys are close to Duisburg, I really like the industrial landscape light art at the Landschaftspark:

It’s been a long time since I was there, but will never forget - well worth a visit :slight_smile:


yes its crazy there! need to go there one day with my kids, totally forgot about this, thanks for reminding!


That is a really beautiful block diagram.


Awesome. I live about 30 minutes from Duisburg. Have to check it out with the fam as well!


I highly recommend taking some drum sticks or other beaters, I had a wonderful time hitting everything - all those metal clangorous sounds echoing around :smiley:

…perhaps a tape recorder too!


those photos are gorgeous! How long are those exposures?


Not my photos, just ones i found on the web, but I can’t imagine that they are particularly long, that is what it looks like in reality :slight_smile:


Holy Remote Control Robot Batman - Check out the new Grid Control Mode for TT:

Hat’s off to @scanner_darkly - this is amazing!!


Darylc over on MW did this and I think it’s awesome:

More like this please!