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Thread To Break The Forum Silence



Yeah, this is just incredible. I was already looking forward to rolling my own control surface with grid ops. This really takes it to the next level. A pre-built meta control surface for teletype that can be used alongside it - definitely some sweet icing on the cake! Top work @scanner_darkly!

Put this all together with flexible and plentiful i2c control over the ER-301, and who knows what goodies @odevices has in store in 0.4 on the horizon. It all makes me kind of giddy. :joy:


I’ve just been going back and forth between a Grid and other trinkets (digitone).

Wouldn’t be able to afford Ansible right away to go with the TT, and I have an excellent sequencing system already, but can’t help but wonder if this would bring some impro power. This new Grid ops stuff doesn’t exactly make the decision easier. :sweat_smile:


No joke, that is fantastic work!! Not sure it is wise to remove all of the labeling, but gheez does it look good!


Wait - don’t the new grid ops mean you could use the Teletype&grid to create custom control surfaces for the er301?


I’d say yes.

For a specific 301 patch that contains SC.TRs and SC.CVs anyway.


Yes, automated mixing, multiple parameter changes from a button press etc… all doable via the SC. controls as @Joe said… not tried these yet, but they will work I am sure :slight_smile:


I’m having a real hard time keeping my mitts off one… But so far the price is doing me a favor :smiley: I’m also worried I’d get zero actual music done, it seems like an endless playground to get lost into.


Wait, you mean we’re supposed to be making MUSIC with all these sounds?! :thinking:


Well, it’s debatable. :smiley:


Dreams of v0.4 have overtaken me and I’m back at that horrible routine of refreshing the O|D forum page a dozen or more times a day waiting…waiting…hoping…


It’s the worst :smiley:


But I’m not alone!


Are we speculating that 0.4 is coming soon?


My mind is (maybe not too wildly) speculating and wondering if any of the wiki features marked in progress will be unveiled in 0.4

  • hold mode
  • scope mode (aka bird’s eye view)
  • polyphonic sampler
  • wavetables


Of course… it is coming! When… who knows? :slight_smile:

I did speak with @odevices very briefly the other day and he mentioned that he was in the middle of building modules… so might be a little while yet!


I don’t mind the wait–I feel like I constantly have more and more to learn with what is already in front of me.

What aspects of the 301 do you all feel like you could devote more time to?


The big one for me is the wavetable stuff - really looking forward to that, it will turn it from a very nice synth into something rather special I think :slight_smile:


I’d say I’m equally excited about a poly sampler. Poly has always been one of the big limitations in Euro for me. Of course you can build poly in the ER-301 now which is awesome. But a c-layer optimized player and even easier UI for this would be a game changer all over again!

You make a good point, @tomk. Even as much as I’m excited for 0.4, there is still an abundance of stuff to explore in 0.3. I’m kind of ashamed to say there’s a few of the newer sample player units I haven’t even tried out yet! I’ve never fully explored the fold unit. And, and, and… 0.3 is quite feature packed!


Yeah, poly going to be great too! :smiley:

I keep thinking of your idea to live sample an oscillator, such a great idea - I wonder if 0.4 will make it work more effectively.

In other news… I’ve been scouring the inter webs for electronics parts, there’s a shortage of passives like capacitors and resistors, especially low tolerance at 0603, and it doesn’t look like it will be resolved for another 18 months around the end of 2019. I imagine this is going to have quite a profound impact in the next 6 months or so and that this will impact small manufacturers too, including our beloved synth companies … it’s really unsettling, and time consuming to resolve. At least for me as a maker anyway.

The reasons I have found are, one company decided to stop making them, another company was destroyed in a fire and this is the most telling - a recent 40% increase in demand for electronics means many of the parts destined for export are remaining in China and being sold to local companies there.

There are new factories coming online apparently, but these are the thing that will resolve the shortage in 18 months or so.

Something to think about anyway…



The part of this that makes me sad is that I wonder how much of the 40% increase in demand is for consumer electronics that are just going to end up in a landfill 6-12 months after they’re purchased… Seems to me like the world is manufacturing an awful lot of… electronic junk these days.