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Thread To Break The Forum Silence



No matter how good the sausage is, German sausages are the wurst!

Sorry couldn’t resist.


Would you like some Worcestershire sauce to go with that? :joy:


Awwww… soooo cute!!


Hmmm, it was back in middle of May that @odevices got us to dreaming of the v0.4 thread that was to appear in June and now it’s July. This is certainly not a complaint and I as much as I would hope most everyone has the patience to understand that great things take time.

One cool thing about seeing our first release of v0.4 (beyond the AMAZING NEW FUNCTIONALITY) will be that @NeilParfitt with his new camera might be inspired to attack nearly his entire series of videos with updates and no matter how much one ever might know about the ER-301, watching and listening to Neil could be an international pastime in some circles.

There has always been this quiet before the next major iteration and every time I betray my patience by publicly whining that I’m getting anxious.


this is probably why civilization is on the brink of collapse!! :sunny:


Replying to myself just to say thanks for the likes and to report that the Karl Marx Stadt/Doepfer thing is great - it’s nothing really ‘special’ but it is a really nice solid little voice. Takes a little getting used to, but once you get the hang of it, it’s a cracker!

The envelope is good with a wide range of possible settings, much better than I thought it was going to be, really very responsive and ‘tweaky’ and the speed range switch is genius - very playable in the sense that you can manually throw in some longer gates just by flipping the switch - or of course it works the other way too; short gates when they are normally long!

The filter is more than good enough, but with the resonance feedback input is excellent.

The mixer, slew, LFO and oscillator are all very serviceable. It does a very nice ‘acid’ bass/lead line, and driven to extremes with FM there’s some really strange bleeps, klangs and dings to be found.

I also really like all the normalisations, they are quite odd, the thee channel mixer for the filter outputs is something I would never really do, but actually it works out nicely!!

It’s probably not going to be that usable over multiple octaves, but I don’t really care about that, Overall it’s definitely a keeper… I fully approve - for the price paid it’s hard to fault it - Xaoc have done an excellent job of presenting this nice little synth from Doepfer!


I have a badger :smile:

He’s been around a while, but this is the first time I have managed to catch him on film:


I am totally claiming the symbolism associated with badgers as all mine and that everything in my little world is as it should be!

On the positive side, dreaming of a badger represents persistence on your part and your ultimate triumph over difficult circumstances. It’s a sign that your luck is changing for the better after troubled times. On the negative side, the dream badger may indicate that you are trying to convince yourself of something by “badgering” yourself – or constantly aggravating yourself by constantly ruminating on a particular topic or event.

Badgers can be found in nature all around the world. The symbolism of a badger differs according to culture, but all symbols are based on the same type of badger behavior. They are nocturnal, aggressive, fierce, solitary, and tenacious.

In Native American culture, badgers generally symbolize aggressiveness. The badger also symbolizes healing, self-reliance, and self-expression. Because the badger lives in a den under the ground, it is a symbol of unconscious thoughts and the “bringing up” of these thoughts into the conscious realm. Badgers in nature are also known for their anti-social qualities, but a badger is quite happy and comfortable with its Self and does not depend on others to claim its place in the world. A badger is not easy to move because it will “dig in” and fight to stay where it wants to.

If you have a dream of a badger, consider taking a deeper look into situations and circumstances rather than reacting to things at their face value. The dream badger suggests that you become more “grounded” in your Self and not give power away to others. The dream badger is telling you to become more comfortable being alone. Badgers are also powerful symbols of living in the present.

A badger dream could represent a person who is nagging (badgering) you in your waking life, or someone who always interferes in someone else’s life. It may symbolize vices as well because it lives in the dark and shuns the light of day. Some cultures believe the dream badger is an indication of avarice, since it lives off its body fat.

Dream badgers are associated with characteristics such as determination, a strong will, independence, and confidence. Badgers in dreams indicate a need to be grounded, rooted, and persistent in making the effort to get what you want out of life.

If you dream of a badger, get busy, fearlessly take on projects, and ask for help if you need it. It’s a call to come out of the dark and let the world know that you exist. It is a symbol of individuality and is telling you to stop being concerned about what others think of you. The dream badger tells you to have more faith in yourself and your abilities.

Edit… ooops just spotted link was broken, fixed!


And these lovely little creatures this evening :smiley:


Okay, they are not visitors to my home, so not quite as auspicious as the badger, but still wonderful to see. Watched them for a good few minutes before they jumped in the water and swam away!!


I’ve just received my ER-301 and I’m way too excited. That is all!






Just got my anniversary badge! Can’t believe it’s been a year already. :sweat_smile:


Same! 2hrs ago. Feels like it was just last week…


The self discipline of this group is simultaneously amazing and horrible.


mid-month! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!


What?! Is it mid-August already? :scream:
I should really look at the calendar more often.

It’s coming along nicely though. :speak_no_evil:


Longest we’ve gone without a firmware update, I think. 0.4 must be a pretty big one! :slight_smile:


Well…let’s keep in mind that writing firmware for the ER-301 is just one of my responsibilities lest someone imagines that I’ve been hacking ER-301 code nonstop since the last update :wink:


That’s what I like to imagine, yes :slight_smile:

I’m sure it’ll be great, can’t wait!


Haha, yes, of course - don’t mean to inflate expectations. :wink:

I’m sure as the firmware becomes more mature, and the code base larger, some changes become more involved too.

Looking forward to seeing what’s next, whenever it’s ready!