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Thread To Break The Forum Silence



Yay…discipline broke down amongst the natives while I was able to avoid being the first down the rabbit hole this time.


Anyone think whining will help with “you know what?”



Realistically, probably not. Development takes time, especially the quality work that Brian creates. I say we just keep sending good thoughts and encouragement.


I can just picture Brian now…


I had an audition for bass/Chapman stick duties in the Blue Man Group yesterday, which has kept me sufficiently distracted. Audition went well, made it to the final callback for next week, and regardless of the outcome on that front: I’M VERY EXCITED FOR 0.4!!! :smiley:


Oh, wow, that sounds like a really neat opportunity. I saw those guys in Chicago - it’s probably been 10 years or more. But a very unique and cool experience. :slight_smile: Good luck!


Thanks, @Joe! I made it to the final callback–will let you all know how it turns out!


Damn it, I was checking out the calendar to see what’s what and I see that today’s a good off day.


It’s gotten awfully quiet around these parts. O|D and Monome’s Lines are the two forums I keep open non-stop as more often than not when something shows up there’s more than a small nugget’s worth of knowledge that’s being shared. But with a mere two or three posts a day I must admit that I miss the frenzy, though I could imagine Brian enjoying it so he can tend to other things such as goofing off, building new modules, progressing on coding, riding his bike out on big new adventures.

So for those who like me abhor a vacuum and find the silence great for contemplation and focus, there are times when we need the cacophony of the hen-house clucking away and so I’m taking the liberty to fill in some otherwise blank space. This way when the next visitor see’s that ever encouraging notification of new content and they click the icon to refresh their page they’ll find a small tome of effectively nothing, but for a moment they were excited by the prospect of vast amounts of value to be found.

Wish I had something for everyone, also wish I knew how @kel is doing; miss the guy.


KNURLIES back it stock!


So do I, and so do I!


I think he’s doing well. I know he’s staying super busy doing custom builds. I miss his presence here too!


I’m banging on the keyboard daily but for some reason this v0.4.04 release is hard. I think because it requires more than usual amount of decision-making about UX. That kind of stuff is like slogging through the mud at a cyclocross race.


I’m eager to check out what you’v been working on! Really do appreciate the amount of time and thought you put into UX and really everything about the ER-301, Brian!


Above sentiments echoed here! :+1:


Cheers everyone - nice to be thought of!

Sorry for my absence, I miss you guys too!! I had to remove things from my life that were really not working for me at all, like erm, being online. I am okay, still sorting stuff out, getting there, slowly; it’s quite a mission :slight_smile:

I haven’t had that much time for music stuff, but it’s necessary sometimes so I have been slowly working on a rather nice mid-size portable system (I couldn’t go for the micro system in the end - just not enough to keep me happy!) but this case, below, is magic! I am really enjoying it very much. It has i2c connections round the back to all relevant modules. It’s been a long time in the making, but it’s going to keep me happy for years I reckon:

Pam’s and 2*Ansible hiding behind the cables. The only changes I might consider are more TELEX, less Batumi/Samara and probably the Tetrapad expander when that lands. This case usually sits in front of another case or two that contain a full synth voice or whatever, but as I am sure you can imagine it works on it’s own very well.

Finally congratulations to @odevices for the launch of the new firmware, looks ace! I am still on 3.* got some catching up to do at some point I guess.

Cheerio for now - hope everyone is well :slight_smile:


Hey @kel :wave: !!! Happy to hear from you and hope all is well :+1:


@kel - damn 2 x 301’s!! Can you use the l2c to go from one 301 to another?


Hello @kel yeah you have been missed! But I do understand the offline thing, man if you don’t watch out sometimes you don’t even remember which country you live in, or if it’s day or night.

That case looks ace. I’m always slowly returning from the micro-system adventure and looking into new modules to expand a little. Love the choice of two tetrapads. Interesting!


Alas no… @NeilParfitt TT is the master, ER-301s are slaves, well one of them is, I still have to mod the other! Will get to it eventually :slight_smile:

All okay cheers @tomk - just insanely busy, with far too many things on my plate at the moment, I am working all day every day to get them cleared, and i have shifted a lot of things already, but it’s going to be a few months yet! And all this while I haven’t taken anything new on for about 3 months or something - eek :slight_smile:

Offline is good @Bparticle it has it’s downsides of course, like missing folk and keeping up to date with some things, but overall my productivity has gone through the roof. I will slowly re-introduce it, but at specific times set aside for that maybe once a week or something. I won’t ever go back to being involved on a daily basis again, I really need to leave that behind.

Tetrapads are great, especially with the new firmware that lets you specify what each individual pad does and ‘scenes’ where all these settings are saved for later recall. They are very ‘hands on’ the pads are a little like the arp pad on the old EMX-1 if that means anything to anyone, except they have leds behind them. Very cool. Keenly awaiting the expander, but I have no clue how I am going to house it… I need another case :confused:

Case is ridiculously powerful, really good fun!! I am currently experimenting with TXi - you may remember my asking about these a long time ago, and if the knobs could be used as inputs into the ER-301 - well, eventually/finally - I can confirm this works just fine :smiley: