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Thread To Break The Forum Silence



Totally random weirdness… just because;


Welkom in Nederland :smile::+1:


101/102 inbound (!) - hope I can find time during the upcoming semester to get to know the combo well :seedling:


Gear lusting as EFN has a 10% discount over the weekend.

Gear lusting as (someday?) I would like to swap out my Frames for a Teletype.

Forgive me for my synths.


These two decided to drop in today :tiger2: :leopard: - do 101/102 users suggest spending considerable time w the 101 by itself before adding the 102?


I think that’s a good idea to get familiar with the ER101 first to get the basics under control. Worth reading the manual several times.


I added them right away as a combo but first I concentrate on the 101.
Is there a “problem” I may oversee by joining them right away?


Definitely connect them asap as any snapshots made on the ER101 alone can’t be easily copied over to the ER102 when connected.

Main thing is to just focus on the basics of the 101 and then move onto the 102 once you’re comfortable with the 101.


Going the right way, thank you for your fast reply.


Shipping notification received! Super pumped!



This is correct. However, keep in mind that the Math operations change quite a bit once you hook up an ER-102. So you will need to reference the ER-102 manual for that part at least.


Ok Brian, so the 101 maths part of the manual can be neglected?


Hmm. I would say skim the Math transform section of the ER-101 manual but read the Math transform section of the ER-102 manual carefully.


If you’re anything like me @Jacco … I’d stick “several times” on the end of that sentence :joy_cat:


Clear, thank you Brian.


So I’ll read very carefully… :+1:


One other thing to note seeing as you’re about to embark on this (assuming 102 is connected):

Math operations are destructive (101 function) whereas Transforms are non-destructive (102 function) I.e. the original sequence & values remain unchanged & the transforms are differences that are added to the original values (where the differences could be negative).

Once you get going this thread on Muffsmight be interesting to you


Thank you for pointing me.

After two years of collecting and puzzling my set up is finally powered so now it’s the time to explore and getting familiar with mainly the special modules like the 101/102.
Got a lot of sequencers but these two are the most complicated compared to the standard 16 or 8 step ones.
The step,duration and length are clear for me, reminds me in the way of sequencing in the eighties, counting bars and steps.
But I will get there with some help from you guys, thank you for your time.


Exploring the 101/102…


Aphex Twin - Alberto Balsalm on Steel Drums :heart_eyes_cat: