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Thread To Break The Forum Silence



I thought this was neat. It occurred to me that others here might also appreciate it.


Indeed, as a sound designer AND beekeeper, right up my alley! Thanks. One could imagine an array of mics providing a localisation possibility as well.


are those things related? i mean explicitly related, like I like the sound of bees, so got into sound design?


No…professional sound designer, amateur bee keeper. Moved from 1400 acres with 1200 sheep to 1/8th acre so needed to downsize farming activity…so I’ve got 50,000 bees! (actually thinking about it probably closer to 80,000, but they’re trickier to count than sheep :smiley:)


well, i like the sound of bees, anyway



You have to get up closer to photograph 'em as well :smiley:.

I’ll try to grab you some sound as well today.


I’ll try to grab you some sound as well today.

that sounds great!! if you make it downloadable i’ll shout over it!




I was in London this past week at Air Studios and Abbey Road for a film score recording. I wish I had been able to ping the Air church for an IR. It sounds SO GOOD. But… it’s forbidden!


So jealous!

And I guess that is even with full dampening (by the orientation of the white panels)?

What does 1444/4 indicate?


Surely that’s to let the orchestra know what time signature they’re in?


The song is just one measure who’s length varies dynamically while you play it! :laughing:


Haha! Yeah that’s the protools meter counter. The film was literally done in two logic sessions so the measures went into the many thousands over 2 hours - but the sheet music only had the last 3 digits printed.


Yep - there’s baffles sitting on the upper levels and a massive cloud hanging above the players that’s adjustable (you can barely see it in the shot so here’s a better one: )


Wow, what a beautiful space! Thanks for sharing the pics Neil.


This is a lovely shot! Do you prefer beekeeping to sheepherding?


Saw some of this on social media and it looks like this was an incredible week! Congrats, Neil.


It was fast and furious!

We flew to England Tuesday night (from Toronto), had a day off on Wednesday because we were hyper-prepared, then Thursday it was a 15-hour session of strings-ww-harp, brass and then piano), popped into Abbey on Friday to hear preliminary comps and start of mixing and we were on a plane back at 3pm! Ahhh!!!


Thanks. That one’s called Elise :wink: Love the bees, don’t love the 1/8th acre!

Haven’t lived in a town for 15 years so it’s something of an adjustment not being in the bush. Moved from having my nearest neighbour 5 miles away to having a whole mob of them 5 feet away!

Sheep farming hard work, hot and dusty (as I think has been referenced earlier in this thread) so beekeeping certainly physically easier…but I’m a fourth generation sheep farmer so it’s in my blood.


Excellent! I’m sure it was welcome and felt good. Being hyper-prepared seldom does not pay off IMO :slight_smile:


That’s awesome–I’ve been a city dweller for most of my life, and the thought of 1400 acres of land sounds incredible.