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Thread To Break The Forum Silence



So…sampling god and alltime favorite Jan Jelinek is apparently using a er301 in his live performances. Ace!


Seeing an ER-301 in Jelinek’s live setup is what finally pushed me over the edge :slight_smile:


Just thought i would break the silence and say hey. This is my first post. Proud owner of a 301 and my 101 should be at the post office waiting for me right now. I am totally new to modular and have been loving it immensely. This forum has been helpful in my journey and i appreciate all of your insight on here. Cheers!


Welcome! :wave:t3:


Just a little note to say that the Dark Matter Feedback Observatory by Casper / Bastl is ridiculously good fun. If you have ever been interested in no input mixing and feedback it really is delightful!



I had a bit of a rough time with it, to be honest. I may just be soft, but I found it to be pretty brutal :slight_smile: which is obviously a given, to an extent… Any standout patches or uses for the Dark Matter, so far?


I know what you mean… it’s very easy for it to just sound like well… feedback :smiley:

I have really enjoyed patching the feedback out to a delay and back to the feedback in - it really helps the feedback go into self oscillation and bizarrely (perhaps someone can explain this?) the delay time parameter of the delay becomes a pitch control - at one point I had it sounding like a really nice oboe!

For me though, the magic is in taking dual copies of any signal running one clean to the main mixer/soundcard and the other through Dark Matter on full wet and mixing it with the original signal, yes I know this is what the x-fade does, but it’s not the same, I find it much easier to find the sweet spot of original signal and distorted broken artifacts from over working the feedback, messing with the controls and creating a whole universe of dark moody background textures - wicked!

I have been running it through the Verbos Multi Delay, but think I am going to switch back to the Feedback 1-bit Delay for extra gnarly broken digital noise - I am anticipating that they will pair marvellously. There is a quality to the sound that is kinda similar at certain points.

Finally BLCK-NOIR -> Dark Matter is all win! Add just a little bit of the overdrive and you’re good to go! BLCK_NOIR sounds ace anyway, but this definitely adds that missing crunch! Go wild withthe controls and up the bass, make sure your dynamics are functinoing correctly and you can make tracks with just those two modules (+ sequencing).


Any NAMM announcement excitement?


Eagerly waiting for demos about the Cursus Iteritas Percido and the 4HP triple distortion Noise Engineering has… But they’re nowhere to be found?


Make Noise Q-Pas seems really great. Maybe time for a super filter custom unit ? :slight_smile:


Oh yeah, I forgot. How silly of me. It has been mandated and officially set in stone that every Noise Engineering oscillator demo shall consist of primarily noise, harsh textures and abrasive treble-heavy sounds. So shall it be. (although I’d love an exception to the law)


Yes, that one sounds absolutely wonderful. I have a Klangbau twin peak resonator, but if I didn’t, I’d be in a lot of trouble trying to keep myself from buying that one.


Apologies for the negativity, but I have rarely been so disappointed with a music tech gear company: I have just seen the new Presonus mixers, I have the 32.4.2 and it’s awesome, but this new incarnation is full of fail!

Compare the 32.4.2 rear view - brilliant - everything you could possibly need:

Compared the new ‘improved’ version:

Needless to say, I won’t be ‘upgrading’


Anyone got any top tips for actual mixers in 2019?


Anyone here in Barcelona?


Just done this, waiting for it to harden before I install it right next to the stealth mode ER-301:



You could call it a Tolextype :wink:


Groans … :smiley:

I looked at it again after I read your comment, but the grain is much less pronounced on the real thing, it’s just an effect of the light. I am actually quite impressed with the finish, it’s not far away from powder coating at all!


Is that the original TT front panel?

I like it! I’d like my modular to look like a tool. As opposed to the assortment of products it factually is.


Yeah, for one reason I had a spare lying around, I just sprayed it with that peelable plastic paint that’s used on car wheels/trims. It looks great in reality - I am impressed!

I agree totally about the idea of your synth looking like a tool, and for me having it’s own character, part of that of course is the choice of functionality, the other is the aesthetic presentation. I always felt good using the ER-301, but using it with an all black panel makes it feel like magic. It feels very similar to the Monome Grid, for anyone watching the lack of legend adds a whole new level of mystery and intrigue. I’m on a long journey, but I really like the way it’s going.


Wow they took out a TON of i/o!