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Thread To Break The Forum Silence



Finally got a quick sit down with the 101 - I can see the alluring qualities of the workflow, and how that workflow leads to sequences that are interesting and less obvious. Currently in school right now, so time spent with euro unfortunately decreases until I’m on break again. Very excited to dig deeper into this one, though!


Anyone else missing MuffWiggler? :crying_cat_face:


What happened to it?


Yeah - right when I need some insight on a potentially half-dead vco-2rm :neutral_face:


No clue :frowning:

It does disappear once in a while, but it hasn’t been down this long for as long as I’ve been there - hope they are ok!

Whassup with your vco @tomk?


I fear it is a database error and they can’t recover without a serious regression. (best guess) Going to be a while I imagine.



I guess I had not missed it until you mentioned it. Now, of course, I do. :slight_smile:


Osc2 is outputting an almost unnoticeable amplitude


Absolutely love this aphex track. Thanks for the link, can’t believe i never caught this little gem.


@tomk I am not sure what we’re talking about here, what oscillator is it? Is it DIY?

@2disbetter I hope not, that would be a bit of a downer! but then again, it is about time they moved to something other than the antiquated nightmare that forum software is! Great back in the day, because there was nothing else close, but now there’s loads of options and I think it would be much more stable,usable, reliable if they moved to something else.

Hope it’s not too long, I have folks on there who have ordered module builds and I need to send them their nice new stuff!

Just built the Erica Polivoks VCF II today for someone, really very nice job they have done with that - it sounds awesome! Hint; when soldering old Russian ICs with 8 legs in a circle, trim the legs very carefully so one is slightly shorter than the next so you can work your way round putting them in one by one!




Ah, I put the model but not the maker in my post: cwejman vco-2rm


Oh very nice!

Sorry to hear it’s not working :frowning:

Can’t really help with that, if it was DIY and the docs available then maybe, but alas no!


Happy 91st birthday John Coltrane :slight_smile:


I have this vision of everyone; heads down working away at their 301’s – is it true?

What are you working on?


I’m working on an acoustic piece for a Pierrot ensemble currently, but am doing a short euro performance for a tech class next week, and will definitely be using the 301. The more opportunities to patch, the better :gem:


On my rack, :confounded: :palm_tree:

Going back and forth between the new Springray 2 and the Z-DSP. I know, very different, but that doesn’t make it any easier :smiley:



Though it’s not really silent - this thread seemed to be the most appropriate place to put thefreedictionary word of the day:


That’s great @tomk

Today I built another R*S VCF Q for someone, it is soooooooooo good!

I have a kit of my own (the only kit I have bought as a result of doing these kits for other people as yet), but not had chance to build it yet… must get it done as soon as possible :slight_smile: