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Thread To Break The Forum Silence



Yep - was saying to @brownshoesonly earlier how much I’m looking forward to seeing where the 301 is a year from now.


Happy holidays, you people!



:fireworks: Happy New Year, everybody! :fireworks:


And to you @tomk


Happy NY! :smiley:


Happy New Year :smile:


expect a miracle :cherry_blossom:


I started the new year with a flu! :grinning:

Happy new year to all!


Happy NY everyone!


Urgh… get well soon @phonk


The other side of our conservation work is erosion control along rivers. The waste material from the tree felling and coppice restoration, i.e. all the brash, gets turned into fascines; large tight bundles of branches.

See them installed on this site here, note human Keith (the other half of our little team!) for a sense of scale:

The fascines are staked into the ground and catch the soil as it rolls down the hill, this provides stability for plants to grow, as the roots take hold, the fascines rot and the hillside is stabilised. It really works.

We should be taking some of the big trees out at some point to let some light though.


What an interesting past week - played my first set with the 301 last Tuesday, then on Wednesday began rehearsals for a Laura Karpman piece with the Chicago Sinfonietta. We had two performances, the second and final was last night at Symphony Center here in Chicago. This is by far the best sounding stage I have ever performed on. The sound of the orchestra in that space almost brought tears to my eyes, especially considering the subject matter of the piece.


When do we get to hear some of it?


Unfortunately it was not my piece, nor did it involve modular (edited my original post for clarity on that) - but myself and a colleague were cueing samples via Ableton of Langston Hughes poetry and other sounds for this 12-movement multi-stylist piece. The performance was a tribute to Martin Luther King Jr. for MLK Day yesterday.


I was squinting to see evidence of modular there, then trying to imagine what other instrument you played in the Chicago context.


I’ve been good just hanging out, reading the posts, being chill…

…and then @odevices has to go and mention v0.3.09!

We all know it will ultimately show up, it’s what happens. At some point the next iteration of firmware is always delivered.

Oh you didn’t see the mention? It was on a ER-101 thread and now it’s seared onto the back of my eyeballs.

What does v0.3.09 accomplish that finishing it will allow Brian to work on a fix for an issue in the ER-101 firmware? I feel intrigued and want to read into it, what will probably be way too much, that with this “milestone” version (my interpretation) it will free him to focus his mind on other tasks. This means this next version is such a step forward that to shift gears right now he would derail his intense concentration (again my hyperbolic interpretation based on nothing more than a flight of fancy).

So obviously v0.3.09 is going to be HUGE, but maybe not. Now I’m all wound up like in the weeks prior to v0.03 arriving.

I’ve got to admit that this development process takes this 54 year old right back to being 6 years old waiting for Santa to make his overnight delivery.


What a magnificent creature!

gorgeous photography


Thanks @jasonw22 I was yarding, drafting and drenching, trying to surreptitiously take a few quick shots whilst the light was relatively good, so as not to be called out for malingering by my co-workers :wink: The dust is a fine mixture of clay, sheep excrement and pulverised eucalyptus sticks, so not a great environment for electronic equipment or lungs! You can see an overhead sprinkler in one of the images used briefly to try to settle the dust…but not so much as to turn the yards to sticky mud.


I honestly can’t imagine. Our 6 goats, 2 llamas, and an alpaca are plenty enough to handle for me!


I actually much prefer goats to work with. They’re much more actively intelligent creatures. Of course they themselves think they’re much more intelligent than sheep!

In Australia they have traditionally not been very popular, not much farmed and a feral pest in the Western/Central arid country…but in the last couple of years markets have opened up which have seen prices increase tremendously, such that mid way through last year goats were fetching more at market than prime Merino!

Llamas on the other hand! Now they’re cantankerous creatures! I shared a taxi to the airport in Lima a couple of months ago by chance with a guy who was a show jumping trainer…he mentioned his parents had an alpaca farm on the altoplano when i mentioned being a famer. I said that alpacas had been briefly fashionable in the 80’s in Australia as the “next big thing” (along with ostriches) to make your rural fortune…but…inevitably the bottom fell out of that market. He said the same thing had happened in Peru as major corporations had corralled (pun intended) the market…globalism, huh!

Edit: weirdly, whilst I was there, Peru announced that they were dropping certain trade barriers for Australia, one of which was they were reducing tarrifs on Australian lamb! We grow rice to export to Thailand in Australia!)