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Thread To Break The Forum Silence



Working on it…


Slice it up in a sample player and send the slice select a pink noise modulator. More coherent? :slight_smile:


I reversed it and slowed it down 12 fold. What I heard were the cries of humanity begging for their souls back.


Hah! Didn’t watch - did they seriously scroll a ticker of names who paid >$35 to his campaign?


Had to share: has anybody used cryptocurrency to purchase a module yet?


no, but noticed the conspicuous lack of paypal option and addition of coinbase at the very same vendor.


Oh wow! Didn’t even notice the lack of PP. I’ve been watching the crypto markets, but this is the first time I’ve seen the option to check out at any online retailer using crypto.


Likewise. I don’t think it’s a bad thing to have a lack of the PP but it’s an intereseting sociological shift…and yet there’s always a middle man, no? It strikes me that Coinbase and the other transfer facilitators somewhat complicate/negate the intent of cryptocurrency, but perhaps I’m misreading it.


Definitely a sociological shift. As far as the middle-man thing is concerned, I’ve never made a purchase using crypto so I’m not sure what the associated fees are. I know there is an app called Robinhood that just became available, which is supposedly void of transaction fees, but I haven’t used it. I do know that as time goes on, the transaction fees for buying and selling Bitcoin get larger, this being one of its built-in functions. Will be interesting to see where blockchain tech is in the next year! Makes sense that a company like Monome has provided the option to pay with it.


it’s not only fees, although I hear that these are getting larger and larger and thus making smaller payments less viable, but the anonymity aspect (not to mention the hacking/theft potential which also seems to be on the rise).

Robinhood only a US system at the moment, and it strikes me that there will be a tremendous fragmentation of currency if it continues which will necessitate a clamp down for control structures…which seems already indicated in places like South Korea

…but then I don’t really know too much about it, and am speculating (alas not on the medium itself as I’d have about 4 million by now if my initial “This thing is going to be big, we should have $100 in there” to my wife had been acted on :grin:)


I thought one of the fundamental premises of bitcoin was elimination of the middleman?

Have to admit though I’m fairly ignorant about all things cryptocurrency. Why is it needed, or at least why is it cool, again? :slight_smile:


this, no? I don’t have the savvy to know who is and isn’t a trustworthy middleman, and clearly the historical precedent has been that the middlemen (Paypal for example) are the one’s who get filthy rich on the deal.


I’m starting to learn a bit about blockchain/crypto, but am essentially a novice and can’t claim to have a full grasp on all of it. A big idea behind it is that no central institution controls the currency, as anyone with a mining rig can mine for BC, and blockchain is essentially a P2P network as I understand it–but there is major debate over if BC is actually decentralized in practice, and as time goes on. Currently its value is totally market-based, and I’m told something like 40% of all BC is owned by a limited amount of people (mostly early-adopters I guess?). Because its value is currently based on speculation, it makes for a volatile market. They call the people with large sums of BC “whales”, due to their massive market influence.

Unit request: BC miner? :grin:


BC Miner would probably grind your ER-301 to a halt… which is why I turned off my mining software back in the day because I was trying to work and it was eating up too many resources; despite the claims that it only worked when you were not working… I was a very early adopter, at one point I had 11 bitcoins.

I forgot to switch the miner back on, actually just forgot about it full stop… then years later heard it was all doing rather well, got excited and went looking for my ‘wallet’ only to find that the company that hosted it had gone bust and I lost all 11 bitcoins.


F*ck bitcoin! :roll_eyes: :rofl:


Yeah bitcoin in general is kind of a fool’s errand at this point if you haven’t already been mining it for a while. You need some serious compute to get even a little close these days. I believe Ether is kind of the one gaining momentum at the moment. In short though, most crypto currency rely heavily on GPU based pipelines. Your standard cpu will take forever, and the 301 would probably get bested by a flagship smartphone pretty handily and would still be dismally slow in crunching anything. (Realize the request was mostly humor, just couldn’t help myself.)



Ah, that’s terrible, and I’m not surprised you were on board really early. I wonder what happened to the BC you had mined?


I still kinda don’t “get” crypto at a very fundamental level. Seems like without government backing, and now with different forms emerging, it’s just headed toward a high tech version of a medieval barter economy. No one wants to go there, do they?


This my point, if there are a plethora of options the fluctuations are going to be huge and you could well be stuck with a bunch of turnips in a time when everyone’s wanting boar…but infact I think yes, loads of people want to go there, if it means a lack of government/banking cartel backing/control.

Sorry to hear that Kel, that’s precisely the kind of scenario I imagined 5 or 6 years back, whenever it was I first noticed it. That or a USB drive corrupted/lost and currency with it.


Not good for the environment either.


Speaking only for myself, I’d like to be able to spend what I earn in anything I want immediately. Or save it for future purchases with reasonable assurances it will be worth something at that time. I don’t see where crypto leads to either of those, necessarily. :slight_smile: