Threw this at the 301 and it happily complied

So I have my modular spread over 4 mantis cases. My main case holds a teletype + 301 (i2c) combo. I love patching with my entire system which holds everything from switches, logic, analog vcos to a rainmaker and a trigger riot.

So I finished performing/recording a patch yesterday and before heading to modular meetup this morning I though it would be fun to play the patch there. But 4 mantis cases, no way.

So I rebuild everything in just the main case, the exact bassdrum and a signature percussion groove (pinged filter through rainmaker) was samples from the recording. To get variation in there percussion I cut 14 one beat sections and switched randomly between them with a raw player.

Some sounds were already coming from the 301, but I made a lead and a bass from other modules in the case. The new thing for me was using the 301 as a central mixer. So the lead and rings came into the 301, channel 1+2 linked as stereo out, channel 3 and 4 as sends for two reverb running om my axoloti. Everything was moved to global chain, mixers on 1+2 send dry out to mixup, mixers on 3 and 4 send things to reverbs.

It took me two hours including pulling cables from the big patch, which was faster then I hoped.

The plan worked great, the 301 with 5.01 performed glitch free hovering round 70% CPU. Iā€™m gonna persue this idea further, moving redundant modules from the main case, and adding more analog voices and hands on control. So tt/301 combo is very prepared, the rest is very touchable.

Thank you 301 and @odevices for making this possible :smiley: