Tilt Cove - Stereo Delay preset

This is my first effect preset. It’s a container for the spread delay with some reverb and EQ, but I think it’s a nice little tool to throw in the mix. Controls speak for themselves I think, except the Flip switch maybe. This flips the spread parameter from 1 to -1 with some slew, creating some funny delay artifacts.

Preset type: stereo custom unit
Firmware version: V0.4.x
CPU: 13%
Download link: Tilt-Cove.unit (15.6 KB)

Example patch. I’m using Three Sisters as a sound source, pinging and modulating with some FM from Mangrove. This is processed with Tilt Cove and I’m just fooling around with the parameters. I’m feeding a pulse to the Flip parameter at some point creating a rhytmical feedback effect from left to right. Obviously, headphones are highly recommended.


This is really cool. Look forward to trying it out

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Let me know if all works as expected, and share your music if you come around to trying it!


This cheeky unit will be going on the SD card today. Thank you very much.

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