Tilt when trying to add New Pattern or steps Er-101

Hello, so i am composing some music on my Er-101 and it seems to have probably maxed out the total number of steps in a snapshot?

I have been sequencing drum patterns on one track using CV-A as kick, CV-B for snare and gate out for hihat.
The other tracks im using for pitch modulation for Oscillators.

on my drum track i am up to 46 patterns and when i add another pattern i can only go up to 7 steps before it says tilt.

when i try to add another pattern on other tracks the same thing happens.

Is there a way to see how many steps i have left on the ER-101 so i can compose around that?

I know about focus pressing the track button to see.

Something I’ve asked for in the past is step data relevant to pattern length, same sort of thing! and your observation will add momentum to the likelihood that a future firmware improvement could include these type of features.