Time Stretching?

Wanted to ask if there is going to be auto time stretching like live has ? I remember that live has the ability of changing the pitch of a sample without altering its duration, is this going to be possible on the ER-301 ?

You can use the Manual Grains unit to time stretch. Have you tried it yet?

Whoops. No, I haven’t … I’ve been really busy for these last two weeks. Will try today !

You might also want to check out Neil’s most recent video (#24) which is relevant to this question:

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Thank you Brian, much appreciated !

I had some fun playing with this last night. Here are a couple things I found:

  • You can approximate a simple version of Ableton’s Beats Mode if you trigger the Manual Grains at a multiple of the saw’s frequency. The multiple determines the number of beat divisions.

  • If you quantize the saw and then trigger at a multiple of the levels, you can re-trigger beats and approximate something like a beat repeat.


Although it’s possible to do this manually, are there any plans for a solution that requires less calculation?

I mean, calculating the frequency necessary for the saw wave to sweep a file of a certain BPM (after calculating the implied BPM of the file using the duration of the file as a yardstick) in order for it to hit a certain BPM, and then setting the manual grain triggering to be a sensible number in relation to said calculations, is probably not too complicated to turn into a unit, but it’s not very inspiring doing it by hand. :slight_smile:

Sorry if I come across as lazy, but I do think there are certain situations where a bit of automation would just blow the creative potential of the ER301 wide open for me – this is one example, slicing automation is another. Or (I’ve always wondered about this:) is the 301 intended to be a modular toolkit where you’re supposed to do stuff like this by hand?

Thanks/sorry! :slight_smile:


I keep thinking along these lines too, again just out of laziness, or tiredness!

But I console myself with the notion that it won’t be that long before the SDK is made available, and not long after that before I would anticipate the first few custom custom units for it!

I imagine they will take the idea of a custom unit patch to a another level and provide interfaces and curated parameter ranges that will be suited to specific tasks like this.

Think more modern complex modules rathe than Serge blocks!

Of course, who knows what @odeviceshas in store for us in the mean time :slight_smile:

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Yes, but I do not officially condone laziness :joy_cat:


Well, hate to toot my own horn, but it actually takes quite a bit of pre-planning and thought to get to my level of laziness when you’re in your thirties… :smile_cat:

Thanks for the info, great news!

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When you reach your 50’s and realize that your investment in laziness will have to be undone, but you accumulated nearly 20 years of refining your technique you then find new insight to the adage “Old habits die hard.”

I’d like to say, “Take it from an old guy…,” but since when did the force of youth heed warnings from their elders? :poop:


Hehe @Unity2k - believe it or not, but your advice hits home. As a persistent lazy person AND a fresh dad, I’m right now getting an intensive course in undoing my sloppiness, stat. :slight_smile:

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I’ve always been very active, used to run marathons in mountains amongst other things, but I’ve also refined the art of laziness, my advice, is do both in balance!!

Congratulations on becoming a dad @josker :smiley:


Without regard to laziness, I’m thrilled to death we’ll eventually have it both ways. Like a fork in the road, a more manual exploration vs. a more purpose built version of some of these units will lead to different places.

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I’d love a grains unit where it would auto connect the grains with an fade, based on the currently set grain length instead of a manual trigger. It would be so goooooey! Call it Cloud Grains! :smiley:

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From odevices on this thread

currently the only way to time-stretch is to feed a sawtooth wave into the start parameter of a Manual Grains, set the duration to something shortish (<100ms) and continually trigger at 10-20Hz. The frequency of the sawtooth wave sets the duration independent of the pitch transposition. Does it make sense to you why this would work?

I did this, and it sounds like time-stretch, but I wasn’t absolutely sure that I understood and this approach is sufficient – as pitch seems to be changing along with how quickly start is. I just wanted to check, hope that’s OK?

I am kinda addicted to the audacity time-stretching effect / artifacts…

That thread is from 2017. I’d look to the Grain Stretch unit (which didn’t exist at that time) if you want to perfectly time stretch a sample without changing pitch now. You can still do it with Manual Grains but it takes some dialing in.

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ok got it, thanks :slight_smile:

may i just ask: what parameters do i need to change – for time-stretching?

Should be just speed.