Timestretching a loop to a clock

I’d love to be able to automatically timestretch a beat loop based on an incoming clock.
Right now the sample player has pitch and speed, but I think in order to do this, it would also need to expose “length” in seconds. If you were able to set the playback length based on the frequency of an incoming clock, you’d have your loop properly matched up with the tempo. Thoughts?

I think what you want to do is detailed in this thread

ooh yes… this might do the trick, but I’m stuck on syncing the sawtooth wave to a clock. I tried feeding the clock into the “sync” on the saw, but I was having a hard time understand what the relationship of the “sync” control is with the frequency (f0) control. Sync seems to just restart the saw wave. So if that is the case, I need to set the frequency control with the clock’s gates. I tried using the tap tempo module, but its output is not what I expected. What am I missing?

The tap tempo puts out a clock pulse, but it sounds like you want a scalar value that is proportional to the tempo, which can be generated using the “Period-O-Meter” unit.

i took a look at it and it doesn’t seem to work in this situation.

The signal it outputs is inversely related to the clock its fed (faster clock produces a lower signal). I don’t think I know how to wrangle it into what I need with the modules currently available.

Another concern is that the Saw module’s bias can’t seem to go any lower than .027Hz. It is possible that such a low base frequency wouldn’t impact the time stretch enough to matter, but I don’t know if there is a way to properly turn the clock into a sync source for the oscillator. Being able to tempo sync LFO-type modulations seems like a pretty good feature to have and presumably this could be achieved in a unit just as simple as the Period-o-meter.

Hmm, I guess the problem is not being able to take the inverse of values. The “broken” Rational VCA might have worked in this case. Hopefully we’ll get some basic arithmetic operators before too long.

Hmm, you might still be able to make it work by feeding an inverted signal from the period-o-meter into the V/octave input of the saw oscillator. You can use the f0 input of the saw oscillator to set the base rate. I’m FM’ing a sine oscillator and it’s producing almost the right results.

Edit: Hmm, or not… :confused:

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@odevices is there a unit like Period-o-meter that would output a frequency (to be used to sync oscillator units at LFO rates) based on an incoming clock on the horizon? It would also be super useful for using Manual Grains for timestretching a loop based on a clock.