Tips for saving cpu

Hi , i have recently recieved my er301 and been playing around wih it a lot.
What ive been doing now is the next:
I made a stereo channel, and plug in multiple mixers( 5 in total)
Then in every mixer i put some eqs and some delays and a looper to make a multitrack looper.
When i have my 5th loop running, i see i have allready 80 procent cpu use.
My question on this is : can someone suggest me how i can simulate the same function ( looping multiple loops)
With less cpu usage.

Little hard to say without examining your patch.

Are you using the 48 or 96k firmware? The 48k is easier on the CPU if you don’t have some specific need for 96k.

Could some of the units be consolidated? EG put the EQs after the mixers and EQ the mix instead of individual channels?

There is an option in settings to turn on true bypass. When you enable that, bypassing a unit should reduce CPU. Might help you determine what’s using the most resources.

Edit: also not sure what unit you’re looping with. I think the granular units tend to be more cpu heavy.

Thanks for the fast response!
I have to check the settings, its still on default so maybe its on 96k, ill check it and put it to 48.

Ill also check the bypassing trick , great tip!

( btw it are 3 feedback loopers and 2 dub loopers)

also, and this is probably overly obvious, but unless you’re working in stereo, use mono chains.