Today my small discovery was

Just like the modwiggler thread!

I’ll go first but I’m kind of cheating as this is TWO small discoveries (one from today, the other from last week or so).

#1 Accents: Maths in MAX mode is perfect for combining two envelopes without summing them.

My use case is for drums but that doesn’t really matter. I have a main pattern feeding louder envelopes and another pattern with shorter, quieter envelopes for fills, both being sent to the same sound. I had the main one as input to a chain, and used a mixer to combine the fills. Problem is when the fill and main happen at the same time (where main “wins”) the amplitude is higher than when main just happens alone, which I didn’t want for hopefully obvious reasons. I tried to use the limiter at first but that had a few cons as it chops the peaks flat and also made the fills quieter unless I really squashed everything which killed the dynamics. Max to the rescue!

Here are some screens of the patch:

Env is Unipolar VCA (left to that is Variable Speed Player)


A1 is my “main” envelope. Vel (velocity) is Unipolar VCA whose level is coming from the pitch CV of my sequencer (the gate of my sequencer is what drives the main envelope as well):

Here is my “fills” envelope stream. G2 is an external trigger and the Unipolar VCA after the Envelope Follower is used just to control level (I use a Sweet Sixteen channel for that as well as the env release):

# 2 Accents: Motion Sensor can be used as a rising edge detector that doesn’t care about threshold in instant attack scenarios

One “trick” I’ve been using for a while on the ER-301 is to use the envelopes themselves as the trigger source to sample players (using previous discovery for reference, I locally patch the output of the Maths unit within the Env VCA to my samplers Gate input). This is great because I don’t have to mult my trigger sources, which frees up inputs. One problem with this is most analog envelopes don’t reset to zero when receiving a trigger during the decay phase so the sampler’s Gate parameter will miss the rising edge. I had been working around this by adjusting the gate threshold to 0.5 or even 0.7. This was fine until my patch above that uses quieter fills! So the main pattern needed a threshold of ~0.7, but the fills where way below that so they wouldn’t trigger the gate. Couldn’t lower the gate threshold either because that brings back the original problem of missing the retrigger. Motion Sensor to the rescue! I set threshold on Motion Sensor to 0.1, attack and release to 0 and this is all working like a charm. Full transparency, I have no idea why this works :laughing: