Toolbox vs ER-101

Has anyone here been able to use both? I have a toolbox, and while on paper it is quite capable, I just dislike how easy it is miss tap something when entering notes. I have always really liked the real locked in way you dial in data on the 101/2.

So outside of not being able to work with midi signals, what are your thoughts?

Everything about the 101/2 is compelling to me, but I have this toolbox here and I would just like some input in helping making the right choice.

Hopefully that makes sense.

Hey man,

good question! I have a 101/102 combo and it’s definitely different than any other sequencer I own (I own a few different sequencers). The 101/102 is DEEP, and can bring a lot of different functionality to table that other sequencers don’t (including the ToolBox). The way it works with parts and the transforms that it can do with the math functions are crazy powerful. I’ve only just scratched the surface and need to spend more time with it (I tend to jump in, learn something then move on to something else - this really requires your full attention, at least from where I’m coming from).

I have a very weak musical background, so actual composing for me is very tough, I like to use tools to help build melody as opposed to thinking of something then executing. If you do have a drop of music ability and have musical ideas, this thing is an absolute beast.

Hope this helps.