Trade category?

From time to time forum members are offering 2nd hand gear here, but very rarely, so I’m always wondering if this is according to the forum rules or not? Personally I prefer to sell or buy items on a forum that feels like a trustworthy community, but there are certainly also reasons against it.
Anyway, I’d appreciate if @odevices could share his opinion on this topic. If WTS/WTB posts are tolerated it would probably make sense to have a “Trade” category (like on the lines forum).
Apologies if this has been discussed earlier, but I didn’t find any information on this topic.

I’m ok with buy/sell/trade posts. Feel free to use the existing Purchasing category.

EDIT: This is no longer allowed.

So far the only time I’ve had to say something is when someone tried to scalp my modules right here in front of me. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


What’s this when it happens?

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Try to sell for higher price than Brian sells for. Trying to capitalize on the lead time.


FYI, I’m reversing my previous decision to allow these kinds of posts. A “no advertising” rule has been added to the forum FAQ:


I have been careful with posting updates of the “crowd funding” shop for the bounty hunter projects, but I do promote it, and I can imagine these posts would be considered advertisement, because technically they are. Did you have any thoughts on this?

Ah oops. I totally forgot the bounty hunter projects could fall under this. Let’s consider them as having special permission. Please continue as you have.