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Transit - MIDI to ER-301 via I2C [Development on Hold]


If someone (not me) draws up a specification for MIDI-over-i2c that incorporates input from users of various devices (*) then I will be more than happy to implement some units for it.

(*) A discussion on lines perhaps?



Wait… are you saying you will implement a MIDI interpreter on the ER-301 if the MIDI messages can be sent down the i2c cable?

Or have I misunderstood?



That’s what it looks like to you :wink:

From my point of view, I have an i2c stack already implemented, so it would be unnecessarily obstinate to refuse to add a couple more message types to it just because I have no love for MIDI.

Oh and I am a fan of @Drillionaire’s initiative.



I share your view of MIDI, it was a friend for many years, simply because it was the only thing available, to me, at the time, but now I have other options I much prefer those :slight_smile:

Having said that, it seems that this is surprisingly low hanging fruit (an illusion created by the seemingly magical coding skills of @Drillionaire - I am still in a mild state of shock at how quickly this has come together) could be very useful and a ‘nice thing to have’, especially for me in the use cases I described above.

All that is to say, thank you very much for your consideration - very much appreciated :bowing_man:




while these words hurt, I appreciate having a clear direction for the 301 :slight_smile: . For me, Mr. Drillionaire is doing a huuugely beneficial thing <3



Speaking for me personally, my collection of fine MIDI controllers doesn’t include anything that would be able to generate a custom NRPN message to send to the module.

I think this would be easier for me to remember. If I’m setting up voice 1 of a poly channel and know the pitch starts on 65, it’s probably easier to remember velo is on 66. Rather than, “hmm, I have this configured for 6 voices, so velo is on 65+6=71.”

Of course mod wheel doesn’t need to be per voice, and AT - well, guess it depends on if you’re planning to implement poly aftertouch or channel pressure. Poly AT would eat up ports pretty quickly, so unless you’re planning to make this really configurable I’d prob stick with channel pressure, at least for v1. Could always add more configurability and poly AT later? Just one opinion.

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yes, something like a MIDI note unit and a MIDI CC unit which you could use similarly to SC.CV and SC.TR units.



The way I’m playing live right now, this would be a HUGE addition to my setup. Great initiative!



Glad to hear it! I wouldn’t want to get in the way of the amazing development you do.



It seems like the developing MIDI-to-I2C bridge might get people close enough to where they want to go that extra work on your part might not be necessary.

If you’re going to expend any effort on MIDI, I think it would be more interesting to support MIDI directly (i.e., receiving MIDI messages directly from the UART), rather than using I2C as a shim. If the ER-301 was able to interpret MIDI messages, conversion from MIDI to I2C to some I2C-ified version of MIDI seems like a lot of overhead.

Is the UART still available on ER-301 units with the I2C header? Can they be used simultaneously?



Yes, it is still there.

No. They are actually the same port.



That’s what I figured.

I’m eager to see what the likes of @Drillionaire and @scanner_darkly come up with. I think once there are a few working examples you will be able to better evaluate the costs and benefits of any 301-side MIDI development, and we can start specing out proposed units.

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Well it seems like the best place for me to focus my development attention right now is on the hardware design, while we discuss a framework of new objects and compatibility with various non-301 hardware.

I’ll try to get some dead-bug prototyping going this weekend so I can hook up some DIN MIDI to a Teensy and start adapting the code to run with that as a MIDI source.



Any chance that we could connect it to a computer to send MIDI from a DAW via USB ?

EDIT : it’s obviously possible, since you’ve posted a video with Ableton Live sending MIDI.
For some reason I was stuck on the idea of using a MIDI controller.
I’m now officially super interested and excited !!!



It’s currently possible with the development build, but is not planned to be implemented in the final physical module.

I think MIDI host is a more exciting prospect in terms of a modular ecosystem than being able to send MIDI to the ER-301 from another USB host device. There are already lots of USB MIDI to CV modules out there, but not many USB host and DIN/TRS MIDI to ER-301 I2C modules.



Yeah, but a USB MIDI to I2C CV that would be awesome.



@chapelierfou You could use a 16n faderbank for usb to I2c with the branch @scanner_darkly is currently working on :slight_smile:



Yes indeed ! And I have a kit on its way… !



Made some progress on the schematic and PCB today. Gonna check them over more tomorrow before I upload them to github and order a set from OSHPark.



Tsk… I am quite sure you’re not working fast enough @Drillionaire - come on hurry up :rofl:

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