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Transit - MIDI to ER-301 via I2C [Development on Hold]


Actually, I have a question, do the pin headers connect ‘straight’ to the front pcb and the back pcb sticks out? Or are the pin headers those bent ones so the back pcb is perpendicular to the front pcb?

Zlob Modular has done some clever stuff with 2hp and perpendicular boards that are worth checking out. I was impressed doing the builds, not easy, but they work out well:

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The plan is to do the perpendicular mounting style similar to that Zlob module, and the 2hp modules.
I’m just working out making everything fit.
The goal is to have this module be skiff-friendly, too. If I can make it fit in a 4MS Pod, that’d be ideal.



I figured as much, but thought it worth mentioning, just in case :smiley:

Looking great!!!

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I pray one of you enterprising, brilliant, generous people will be offering these for sale as built modules, or perhaps will afford individuals such as myself the opportunity to work with one of you to fabricate one for me?



It sure looks like a ready to run module :wink:

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this. i need one, don’t need to try finding the time for building one, much less sourcing panel/pcb/BOM



I will be doing at least one run of built modules. Not sure yet if it’ll be via preorder, or what. I’ll have more info as I get the prototype up and running.



More progress on the PCB. It’s panelized and ready to order, and I’ve got a PCB panel made up for the prototypes. If the PCB panel turns out well, I’ll use that for the first run as well. I’m trying out a back-lit logo similar to Make Noise modules.

Added a little NASA reference as well to fill up some of the empty board space.



Super sweet! Can’t believe how quickly you’re progressing this.

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Are those pads for 0402 passives I see there?



They’re 0603

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That’s great…

All looking rather excellent :heart_eyes:

I was thinking last night, while Brian is away coding/building - it’s fantastic to have another project to follow along with here, especially as progress is so alarmingly fast!

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That’s great !
Lemur on ipad + Er301 i’ll be a game changer !



Hi there folks I am really keen to use a midi controller to do offset in the ER-301. Is there anyway to do that with out say a Midi to CV convertor? Also the module discussed here, will it be available to purchase? Many thanks M



@Mathruwatson, your only options for communicating an offset to the ER-301 are via CV or I2C. I2C is a behind-the-panel digital connection which is used by several other devices to send one-way CV/gate messages to the ER-301. A direct MIDI connection to the ER-301 may be possible someday but not until the SDK is released. So you will need to turn your MIDI messages into CV or I2C.

There are many great MIDI-to-CV converters (CV.OCD is a cheap option). But if you want MIDI-to-I2C, I would recommend waiting until Drillionaire’s solution is ready.

Or the 16n Faderbank will likely be able to perform the same conversions, but then you would also need a way to get the signal behind the panel using something like bpcmusic’s TXb module.

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I joined the forum specifically to see if someone was working on this solution. I find this incredibly exciting and I’m watching with anticipation.

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Indeed it will!



Did a bit of playing around with the awesome 88-key Piano sample provided by @anon83620728 and @Joe in this thread.
This is using the same 6-voice poly setup as the last video I posted above. This time I’m using DIN MIDI, rather than the USB micro port for MIDI USB.

I’m not sure if the clicks and pops are from the slices not being at zero-crossings, or me not having my VCA envelopes dialed in, or both, but it’s not to bad for a first test, I’d say. No post processing, just six stereo bands in a custom band unit, and a Freeverb before the output.



Yes!! We should do general MIDI sampler patches - Monkey Island, here I come :slight_smile:



This is looking incredible. I would definitely purchase this if it becomes available!

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